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I am currently teaching water bath canning/preserving classes for Save On Meats in Vancouver!  After years of preserving the bounty of British Columbia, I now can pass on my knowledge and passion to others in a fun environment.

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What a dream it is to be able to have 16 burners at my disposal and the team at Save On Meats has given me carte blanche on recipes being taught.  I love the fact that I can teach people how to preserve and be able to promote local farms and seasonal produce.

canning class

These classes are designed for beginners to intermediate canners.  It includes all the steps from sterilization, making the recipes, filling jars and processing.  There is a huge emphasis on keeping everything sterile and using only USDA approved methods of canning.  Lots of tips and tricks during the class, everyone gets a chance to fill their own jars and practice by the stove and there is a lot of information given out so they can start canning at home.

Prepping organic carrots from Klippers for pickling

Prepping organic carrots from Klippers for pickling

Each class I teach two different recipes and all the classes will have different recipes depending on availability of produce, this means people can take the class many times!  I try to keep it very light and very fun and everyone takes home a booklet that includes everything that is covered in the class and more!

Cooking away some strawberries for jam

Cooking away some strawberries for jam

Why did I decide to teach canning classes?  Through all of my preserving adventures, I realized pretty quickly that friends and family really had an interest in what I was doing.  In the earlier days of preserving, I decided one day to make it my goal to not buy any canned or jarred item from a grocery store.  I gave myself an entire year to go through all the seasons and make enough jars to last us through the winter and the following spring.

Turns out that year I learned SO much that I went a little preserving crazy.  My technique was down pat, I could make a batch of jam in just under an hour.  Now we never buy canned tomatoes, jams, sauces, even chicken stock we make on our own now.  It’s a wonderful thing opening up a jar in the dead of winter with the never ending rain and feel the sunshine beaming out of your produce, who doesn’t want the taste of perfectly ripe peaches in the middle of winter?

canning class

Despite the sensation of feeling I have accomplished something great, reducing preservatives in our diet, eating more locally, being more environmentally friendly and overall improving self sufficiency, I truly love teaching others who have an interest.

canning class

Students listening to me yammer on because I do like yammering

One of the biggest appeals to people is that a lot of folks have canned in the past with their parents, grandmas or other relatives.  It has this nostalgic appeal that brings a smile to everyone’s faces and because of the memories involved, they are attempting to recreate that feeling in their own kitchen, it’s quite charming.

SO_blue_bigThis summer I taught fish pressure canning classes for Skipper Otto!  This workshop is more of a demo where you will learn the differences between water bath canning and pressure canning.  Lots of information so you don’t create any explosions in your house!  Stay tuned for future dates!

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3 Responses to “Canning Classes”

  1. Naturoneetu December 28, 2013 at 1:55 pm #

    Hi! Love your blog…I was just wondering if you’re still doing canning classes anywhere other than save-on meats. I’m familiar with the boil method, was just wanted to learn more about the pressure canning method! Thanks so much!!

    • munchykitty January 21, 2014 at 9:43 am #

      I’m looking into teaching a pressure canning class soon (probably fish) but the details haven’t been ironed out, check back as I will post the schedule on my blog when it’s available!


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