soboro donburi…

21 Mar


In other words, a simple mince meat rice dish that warms your belly after a cold day in the mountains!  This surprisingly whips up pretty quick and makes a great leftover lunch for the next day.


Here’s the recipe for the topping!

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March 19th – New West Craft Market

16 Mar

Trying out the New West Craft at River Craft this coming Saturday!  It’ll be a new experience setting up shop amongst permanent stores but should prove to be fun!

Come see my face! (and my wares while you’re at it)

River Market
810 Quayside Drive, New West
March 19th

March 5th – East Van Bazaar!

29 Feb

Another year, another craft market!  Come see me at East Van Bazaar on Saturday March 5th between 12-6pm!

Besides the ‘ol preserves and hand crafted greeting cards, I am introducing a new line of feather accessories to float in those trusses of yours!  Each pair of earrings or hairpiece is unique from the rest and features an array of natural feathers.  They’re pretty cool and stylish!

Come say hello!

East Van Bazaar
1739 Venables St
Saturday March 5th – 12-6pm

Eastside Flea Holiday Market November 14th…

4 Nov

chu chu the urbanpocketknife

Things are coming along nicely and I had a chance to take some promotional photos of my wares.  The November 14th Eastside Flea Holiday Market is coming up fast and I still have a lot of little tasks to finish but I’m starting to get very excited!

I love making these holiday cards and watching the piles grow as I finish each set!  There’s something quite gratifying about embossing paper by hand and creating these little art cards.

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a little obsessed with preserves.  I’ve taken my favourite recipes and made small batches to sell at these holiday markets!  They are all organic made with local ingredients and packed full of flavour explosion!  This year I’ll be featuring dill garlic pickles, peach earl grey tea jam, red pepper jelly, apple chutney and coronation grape jam.

Come see my face at the Eastside Flea!
The Wise Hall
1882 Adanac St.
Commercial Drive

winter craft markets sneak peek…

30 Oct

I will be at two craft markets next month selling some of my favourite things!  Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store….organic preserves, handcrafted holiday greeting cards, and crocheted hats.


November 14th – East Side Flea

November 28th – Homesteader’s Emporium Winter Craft Fair

Hope to see you all there!

vancouver sun…preserving the harvest

30 Sep


My mama and papa are gonna be so proud!  The Vancouver Sun did a spot on me in their paper today

Who knew that if you were obsessed enough with preserving and putting everything into jars, one day someone would write an article on you!

Big thanks to Klippers Organics  for always supplying me with their amazing produce and Save on Meats for facilitating my canning classes!


I’ve got to say it’s been a big blast being able to pass on my passion (ahem…obsession) on to others and see it pay off in the end!


eastside flea november 14th

26 Sep


It’s happening…I’m finally taking the plunge and selling at the Eastside Flea this November!  Come see me on Saturday, November 14th from 10am-4pm and take a gander at my local preserves and handmade cards at this holiday market!


I’ll be selling a variety of holiday designs, each card is hand cut, hand embossed, hand stamped and hand coloured.  They are shall we say…handsy?!?!


And of course a few preserves, I’ve got organic garlic pickles and organic red pepper jelly on the roster with a few others that will be added to the mix.


Along with the holiday cards, I’ll be featuring a few birthday and blank cards that are just as adorbs and vintagey as the rest of the lot.  I’m really excited to participate in this market and hope to see you all there!