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eastside flea november 14th

26 Sep


It’s happening…I’m finally taking the plunge and selling at the Eastside Flea this November!  Come see me on Saturday, November 14th from 10am-4pm and take a gander at my local preserves and handmade cards at this holiday market!


I’ll be selling a variety of holiday designs, each card is hand cut, hand embossed, hand stamped and hand coloured.  They are shall we say…handsy?!?!


And of course a few preserves, I’ve got organic garlic pickles and organic red pepper jelly on the roster with a few others that will be added to the mix.


Along with the holiday cards, I’ll be featuring a few birthday and blank cards that are just as adorbs and vintagey as the rest of the lot.  I’m really excited to participate in this market and hope to see you all there!


beet smoothie is so photogenic…

12 Jun

beet smoothie urbanpocketknife

I once I ordered a beet smoothie that had banana and some yogurt blended in.  Turns out that it looked amazing against the restaurant’s wall.  Sometimes things that look pretty makes them tastier.

third floor visitor…

5 Jan

third floor visitor squirrel urbanpocketknife

We have a lot of street animals living in our hood.  A cat that belongs to someone down the road frequents our building because there are about 8 of us that let him in and leave food out for him.  There are skunks in every corner of the street, a nursery of racoons in trees, giant seagulls on pathways.  It’s quite a site to see considering we live downtown.

Our building is covered in vines that can sometimes grow into our house through the cracks of our windows.  I always here ruckus at the side of our building but just assumed it was the pigeons fighting for roosting space.  I was totally wrong.

Even though we live on the third top floor, squirrels like to chase each other along the vines of our building.  And often I see them running across our bay windows in our living room.  It’s like a puppet show.

I caught one in action on my camera finally while le cat was getting ready to pounce.  I wonder if they would come in if we had the windows open?

hello flying visitor…

30 Dec

cassin's finch urbanpocketknife

One evening, I opened the door to our unlit tiny patio balcony to check on some dehydrators…something flew by my head and straight into the kitchen.  My first thought was that it wasn’t a bug, it was something much bigger….a bat?!?!?  I looked around the kitchen and didn’t see anything.  Was I going crazy?  Then at the top of my dish shelf pops out an adorable bird!

Milo (our cat) freaks out and starts pouncing all over the kitchen…good god…you’ve never been entertained in the kitchen until you see your cat wearing a t-shirt trying to catch a bird that is confused.

cassin's finch urbanpocketknife

This little guy flew all over our apartment while the three of us (cat included) chased it around.  Of course the other half was none to pleased with my taking pictures instead of actually helping.

cassin's finch urbanpocketknife

This little guy had a knack of perching on our crown moulding near our 9′ ceiling which was just of reach.  Finally he found refuge in my hanging spider plant and the plant along with the bird were carefully transplanted back outside.

After going through a bird identifier, I found out this guy is a Cassin’s Finch!

knit bombing yay!

28 Oct

knit bombing urbanpocketknife

On the new Dunsmuir bike parking lanes, there lies a row of bike posts that have been wonderfully knit bombed.  It’s a little bit silly to have such absorbent materials draping over outdoor structures but there’s something quite fresh and colourful about it all.

Sure Vancouver wet weather is sure to make these guys look soggy and gross, but for now, I think they add a little bit of life to the otherwise metal and concrete streets.  Look how pretty…

knit bombing urbanpocketknife

now that’s a button…

26 Oct

button trivet urbanpocketknife

In my never ending quest for oversized objects, I gotta say this is ah-mazing.  Who doesn’t want a giant button as a trivet?  All that teapot needs is a crocheted cozy and this would be my perfect living room setup.  Oh and add a cat while you’re at it.

Jim Knopf sells this on Etsy all the way from Germany.  And it won’t break the bank as it’s only $23.50 USD plus $8.80 for shipping.

iphone camouflage….

13 Oct

WhoOoOoOoooa!  This blew my mind when someone pointed it out.

That iphone case was the best $3 I’ve ever spent.  Thankfully my friend found it on the top row (which I would’ve never seen) at the Richmond Summer Night Market.