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masala chai for the soul…

27 Oct



Who can say no to a luscious cup of warm, sweet, spicy and creamy chai?

I was watching a movie called Lunchbox the other day about a young Indian housewife that made the most delicious looking tiffin lunch boxes for her husband.  Her elaborate efforts were delivered to the wrong man who devours every morsel and the story unfolds their developing relationship through a series of lunch boxes and notes.  A romantic love story that also involves food, straight to my heart gah!

Several times in the movie, the housewife was sipping on a small glass of masala chai made from scratch in her humble kitchen.  It reminded me of my obsession with this tea last winter that always seemed to lift my mood on the gloomiest of days.

Although it seems like a concerted effort for just a single cup of tea, it is well worth it just based on how it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside!

Here’s the recipe!

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super smoothies!

12 Aug

We finally broke down and bought a blender…welcome to yuppie-ville.  We frequent Booster Juice and their smoothies are wonderfully delicious but we realized that with fresh fruit markets just down the street from us, we could easily make them ourselves.

What’s great about them is that their packed full of vitamins, fiber, calcium and active bacteria cultures….no sugar added, maybe a small squeeze of honey in the occasional one. We bought a blender that was super easy to clean (or else we knew we wouldn’t make them) and we’ve gotten into the habit of making around 2 servings.  The blender works best this way and that way someone can be lazy and drink a pre-made one out of the fridge!

Really you can put anything you like in it, there’s really little error for mistake…if it’s too thick add more liquid!

Our first smoothie test was a blueberry grape one….so good, no need for sugar even!

What you need!
6 ice cubes
3/4 cup of milk
3/4 cup of frozen blueberries
1/2 cup of frozen grapes
1 banana
2 large spoonfuls of yogurt
1 large spoonful of oat bran

What to do!

Blend it!  If your blender has an ice crushing mode, use that first, than blend it until it’s the consistency that you like!

Another variation…a tropical smoothie!
1 avocado
5 big chunks of watermelon
half a large mango
1 large spoonful of oat bran
5 ice cubes
1/2 cup of milk

limeade and mint…cheap and refreshing!

19 Jul

It can’t be a recipe if there’s only 3 ingredients can it?  Mix a can of Minute Maid Limeade, add some water, and add a bunch of fresh mint leaves!  Super cheap and tasty on a hot summer’s day!