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maple bacon cupcakes….

6 May

maple bacon cupcake theurbanpocketknife

So like so many out there, I jumped on the bacon bandwagon and put the smokey meat on something sweet!  My friend’s birthday party was the perfect excuse to make these boy cupcakes, I’m not sure if I would ever make them for a girl….we don’t like bacon THAT much.


maple bacon cupcake theurbanpocketknife

Essentially I took a plain vanilla cupcake recipe, spruced it up with the addition of some maple syrup and added a buttercream frosting that also had maple in it.  Fry up some bacon all crispy like and decorate at will.


maple bacon cupcake theurbanpocketknife

The bacon flavour isn’t very strong, just adds some saltiness to the cupcake, I would likely make it again for funsies 🙂


pinata cookies!

8 Jan

pinata sugar coconut cookies the urbanpocketknife


So my friend had a loosey themed NYE party and during a night of making awesome paper cutout banners, she told me about these crazy pinata cookies that I may just be crazy enough to make.

She isn’t far from wrong, I looked it up….decided it was WAY too much work and way too much waste so I improvised and came up with something equally festive.

pinata sugar coconut cookies the urbanpocketknife

I mean they are way cool but also requires a lot of coloured dough and a lot of waste since you cut out the cookies after you’ve baked the slabs (to ensure equal sizing I assume).

I came up with something else, they’re not perfectly shaped but meh…the coconut looks like tissue paper so I’m happy!  No recipe here, just assemblage instructions!

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salted chocolate caramel cookies…

26 Nov

chocolate caramel cookie urbanpocketknife

I admit that these cookies are not my creation, my neighbourhood friend who stopped in to catsit for me once left these on my counter and now I love her long time.  It is the perfect cookie, kinda cakey, soft and chewy, oozy caramel in the centre with a sprinkling of sea salt on top.  They are easy but not as mega quick to make as drop cookies.

A friend of mine had a cookie baking and drinking party not too long ago (there was way more cookie eating than actual drinking) so I decided these were probably pretty perfect for the occasion.

Here’s the recipe (makes 40 cookies)!

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vanilla pastry cream peach tartlets…

3 Nov

peach tartlets urbanpocketknife


I think peaches are the epitome of summer for me, there’s nothing like biting into a tree ripened peach in the sunshine.  It’s only natural that I want to jar this feeling, so every season I can about a dozen jars of peaches with some vanilla pods for good measure.  In the dead of winter, I whip up a few peachy desserts to chase away the dreary weather and remember that summer is just around the corner.

These tartlets are crazy easy with lots of shortcuts should you decide that you need an impromptu dessert.

Here’s the recipe!

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auntie’s famous pineapple carrot cake…

9 Jul
pineapple carrot cake theurbanpocketknife

Clearly I didn’t wait for the cake to cool enough and the icing went a bit oozy, didn’t matter though, it still tasted amazing!


This spring I went to New York to visit some cuzzies and family, I had no idea but apparently my auntie makes this amazing cake that everyone scarfs down whenever it’s in sight.  It’s probably the best carrot cake I’ve ever eaten, it’s super moist and the chunks of pineapple makes it extra special.  And of course, because my family loves excess, everyone insists that you have to make double the icing…they are not wrong.

Here’s the recipe!

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banana butter honey cupcakes…

23 Jun

banana butter cupcakes urbanpocketknife

Once I upon a time I made banana butter and it was glorious.  However I have a bad habit of losing things in my deep freezer and forgetting what’s in there, I should probably make a list one day that I can stick to the outside.  In any case, I had intentions on making cupcakes but was too lazy to go out to the store to get any of the ingredients so I scrounged through my pantry and freezer and found the amazing banana butter!

banana butter cupcakes urbanpocketknife

I can’t fully remember why I needed to make these cupcakes but I suspect it was because I just purchased some new piping tips and was excited to try them out!  Turns out I’m not that amazing at piping but will likely practice until my hands bleed.

I took a pretty basic banana cupcake recipe and altered it to accommodate the intensity of the banana butter.  Here’s the recipe!

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chocolate peanut butter whoopie pies…

13 Jun

chocolate peanut butter whoopie pie urbanpocketknife

You say whoopie pies and half the people have no idea what you’re talking about, I prefer to call them dessert burgers because really you can make them that big and they’ll be scarfed down like no tomorrow.  I’m assuming that these desserts are a pretty old timey baked good judging by the name but there’s nothing like sinking your teeth into the cakey buns, getting a burst of sweet from the filling with an aftertaste of salt (because we all know that’s what makes chocolate and peanut butter so good!).

Fairly easy to make, you just need a bit of patience as there is a cooling period…nobody wants runny whoopie pies…nobody.

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