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eastside flea november 14th

26 Sep


It’s happening…I’m finally taking the plunge and selling at the Eastside Flea this November!  Come see me on Saturday, November 14th from 10am-4pm and take a gander at my local preserves and handmade cards at this holiday market!


I’ll be selling a variety of holiday designs, each card is hand cut, hand embossed, hand stamped and hand coloured.  They are shall we say…handsy?!?!


And of course a few preserves, I’ve got organic garlic pickles and organic red pepper jelly on the roster with a few others that will be added to the mix.


Along with the holiday cards, I’ll be featuring a few birthday and blank cards that are just as adorbs and vintagey as the rest of the lot.  I’m really excited to participate in this market and hope to see you all there!


pantry of homemade preserves…

14 Jul

pantry preserves urbanpocketknife

Since I started volunteering for an organic farm last year, I made it an unwritten goal that I would try and change most of our veggies into organics and those that are locally produced.  A little tougher in the winter months but I just made an effort to be more aware.  I can happily say that for the most part, our veggies in our house are organic!  And better yet, I found a great source for organic meat too so our beef, pork, chicken and lamb are all free-range, locally raised and organic.

I must admit that we are very fortunate to be able to change our food style to organics because it can be VERY expensive.  But with volunteering every week, it’s become something achievable plus we’ve reduced eating out and instead are cooking at home more.

My next food goal (besides switching to low carb) is to replace our pantry cupboard with all homemade preserves instead of store bought ones!  This goal is quite sizeable and requires a little bit of budgeting (not only money but time!).

To date I have a good 2 1/2 shelves of apple butter, applesauce, poached citrus, jams, roasted tomatoes, pickled onions and carrots.  But seriously, how much jam and pickles can we eat?

My next investment will have to be a pressure canner.  Water bath canning is only good for acidic foods but pressure canners can add a whole whack of food storage possibilities.  Things like salmon or tuna, marinades or dressings that have oil, veggies packed in just water….there’s so much more that I can do with a pressure canner!

Sure it takes a lot of time and patience but with the bounty that BC has to offer in the summer, it makes sense to stock up now so that you can enjoy summery foods in the winter.

Oh yeah, I also bought a deep freeze 🙂  Berries in the winter?  Yes please!

you want me to take what? weird supplements T&T supplements…

14 Feb

So I’m not sure but don’t Canadians have a bad rep for seal clubbing?   A great source of Omega 3 apparently.

Bill Lamb Placenta

Also yuck.  You never know if it’s a bad translation or it’s just plain bad.  Maybe it’s used for fertility?  Guess again, this is what I found on their website:


  • Helps to regenerate dermal tissue and regain skin elasticity and suppleness
  • Helps to transport active substances into the skin to moisturize
  • Helps to accelerate the regeneration of skin cells, soften the cuticles of the skin and bring out a natural healthy glow
  • Helps to alleviate menstrual pain and improve resistance to infections

cast iron japanese teapot….

28 Sep

So I’m on my third teapot, why you ask?  Because none of them were ever good enough…until now.  The previous ceramic teapots leaked from the spout and no amount of doodads would correct the spilling…so aggravating.

This little gem I found on Granville Island for a mere $55, most stores sell these guys for just under a hundred.  The pot is made out of cast-iron so it is heavy but also keeps the tea nice and hot for a lot longer than the ceramic ones.

I chose a matte red dimpled pot that just looks so darn pretty all on it’s own!  The cast-iron is coated with enamel but it is recommended that you never let water sit it there for too long and make sure you let it dry out completely before putting the lid back on.  It came with a little mesh tea strainer inside for loose leaf teas.

The spout pours perfectly without a single drip.

Although you can put the cast iron pot right on the stove, I choose not to mare the bottom.  Instead, fill the pot with the boiling water and let sit for 5min.  Dump the water out and then pour fresh boiled water in to steep your tea of choice.  This apparently warms the cast iron first and will keep your tea warm longer.

Remember…delicate teas like green tea and white teas should be made with 80-90 degree water to prevent bitterness!

completely ridiculous nail art…

7 Sep

japanese-esque cherry blossoms perhaps?

So an odd thing came over me a few weeks back, I had a memory of myself in my teenage years and putting on blue nailpolish.  My mom freaked out, thought I was one with Satan only to discover several years later that it was main stream to have nail colours other than red and pink.

I used to love doing my nails….it was my thing.  But climbing made me cut em down short and I’ve been sporting them plain for years.  I mean, what’s the point of doing them if you’re just going to ruin them in less than a week?

I gave it a try one day and discovered that I actually like having colour on my nails again.  Maybe it’s because there isn’t pink in my hair anymore but whatever it is, I have discovered nail art!

Don’t get me wrong, I realize the HIGH potential of this getting way out of hand and uber tacky.  I’ve seen girls glue on an absurd amount of trinkets and doodads on their nails.  But out of practicality the nails are staying short for climbing and the wear and tear just encourages me to re-do them in new designs.

No doubt my canvas is small, some gals have nails as far as the eye can see but with some tiny brushes, I managed to come up with a few designs that I actually can do with my left hand as well.

golden feathery-ness

Even though my nails are short, I get a lot of comments from people….it’s apparently all the rage in asian countries which is why you can see nail paints (nailpolish with tiny brushes instead) in a lot of asian stores like Daiso.

daisies on blue!

And now my most prized design to date….nail marbling!  Taking an old painting on water technique, it has been adapted using nailpolish instead.  It’s crazy fun and although it takes some organization and patience, the patterns you can make are endless.  Check out some youtube videos of nail marbling to see what I mean.

For me, it’s kind of like wearing jewelry (since I don’t wear much anyway), the marbling is especially impressive because each nail turns out different!

It kind of looks like a sticker but that's 100% nailpolish...4 colours to be exact!

It’s a little crazy but also kinda cool.  Also it allows me to be creative even though the work is never permanent, there’s always photographs to help me remember though!

groundcherries that look like mini tomatillos….

24 Aug

Sometimes the smallest morsel packs the most flavour!  These groundcherries (described as mini tomatillos to me) are part of the tomato family and tastes super fruity!  Although they look like gooseberries, they are actually not and grow very much like tomatoes with the exception of having a papery husk surrounding the fruit inside.

These guys are wee but the flavour is intense!  Once the papery husk turns brown and brittle, the fruit inside is ripe.

It’s hard to describe what these tastes like, almost like a mixture of melon and pineapple all at once.  All I know is that once you start you really can’t stop!

mangosteen mayhem…

9 Jun


I am 100% guilty of being one of those people at a grocery store that adds to the mayhem of a crowded fruit stand.  You know what I mean, mostly a bunch of grandmas and grandpas hovering over a good sale item or something that is freshly in season.  If I see a crowd around food, you’ll definitely see me make a beeline for it.

This time around it was mangosteen that was on sale!  I see them all the time in Chinatown and I’ve never had them and since droves of people were shoveling them into their grocery baskets, I picked up four to try at home.

I probably butchered it when I tried to cut it open, but at least the peel was super thick so I didn’t damage the flesh inside.  The inside is sectioned almost like naked orange segments (minus the skin that is).  The texture is slippery like a peach and the taste is quite tart but sweet!  The flavour is pretty intense, almost like a super strong kiwi methinks.

I liked it quite a lot, unfortunately I was having a tiny bit of trouble breathing after so I think I might be allergic!  I don’t regret trying it one bit!