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organic apple chips

3 Jan

organic apple chips urbanpocketknife

Since apple are practically the only fruit you can get now that is local, we stock up on them at this time until we’re blue in the face!  Dried apples that are leathery are just plain gross, I hate it when you get them in dried trail mixes.  The only way to go is to slice ’em up and put them in the dehydrator until there is absolutely no moisture left…no spongy apple nuggets here!

You can choose any apple your heart desires, tart ones make a nice tangy chip and sweet ones make it taste like candy!

Some people dose the sliced apples with lemon juice to preserve the colour and avoid oxidation, I don’t really mind that they turn slightly yellow so I don’t bother.  Fun fact!  Ambrosias oxidize the least out of all apple varieties so they’re perfect for apple chipping AND salads.

Cut the apples to about 1/8-1/4 inch, lay em on the trays and dry!  This is one of our fav snacks in the winter!

organic apple chips urbanpocketknife


canned grapefruit in raspberry rooibos tea syrup…

17 Mar

grapefruit orange canning urbanpocketknife

Oh canning, how I love thee!  My pantry cupboard was getting a little low in preserves and things that I decided to take advantage of the big bags of citrus in the stores these days.  One large bag of grapefruits went in to making grapefruit curd and preserving the wedges in a simple syrup.

I’m trying to can things that are in season so that when they are out of season, we can still enjoy them!  I still have a few jars of precious roasted heirloom tomatoes left (I wish I had canned more back in September!).

Since we are also trying to cut down on sugar, I made the syrup using only half the sugar recommended (to preserve the colour and texture) and added stevia to boost the sugar taste.  Turns out, I’m a genius.

Here’s the recipe!

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i love you lime curd…

9 Mar

lime curd urbanpocketknife

My canning friend mentioned something about how it was citrus season and that we should try canning lemon curd.  I have never heard of it before but my Brit friends said it was all the rage to put on toast in the UK.  Who knew?  I looked up some recipes and it seemed simple enough, basically a custard-like spread that contains eggs, citrus and butter!

It basically can’t taste bad so I gave it a whirl with some limes instead of lemons….it goes really great with chocolate, a little dip for fresh fruit, as a filler for pies and anything else you can think of!

Here’s the recipe!  It only makes a small batch (three 125mL jars) but it’s well worth it!

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homemade apple sauce is the best…

14 Jan

What to do when the farmer’s market only has apples and squash left?  The roomie’s mom sends her big bottles of apple sauce so I decided that it couldn’t hurt to try to make some of my own.  I wasn’t sure what apple made the BEST apple sauce so I took a variety of macs, mutsus, golden delicious and ambrosia and kind of mixed them all together.

I made a small batch to test out since I’m heading over to make 28 bottles with a farmer’s market foodie friend next weekend…is it weird to be so excited about making apple sauce?

apple sauce urbanpocketknife

The boy’s mom sent us an old fashioned apple peeler that sat on a shelf for about a year as a conversation piece.  Since I had some apples to peel, I thought I’d take it for a test run and see what it did.

apple sauce urbanpocketknife

This thing is amazing.  I thought it only peeled but I was so wrong and completely underestimated this one purpose tool.  It peels and cores AND it slices it into 1/4 inch spiral.  All with just a few cranks of the hand.  Ours has a neat suction cup base and if you pull the lever one way it sticks to any smooth surface, no need for clamps!

I made a tiny batch, about 6 big apples but it made two 500ml jars and probably a cup leftover.  So easy peasy, just dump all your peeled and cored apples into a pot, add about a cup of water (especially if they’re tree ripened juicy organic ones!) and let it cook away.  My foodie friend advised using a cinnamon stick instead of the powder so it didn’t have that weird mouth drying affect that powder sometimes has.

apple sauce urbanpocketknife

As it was cooking, I’d take a masher and mush it down.  If it’s too thick, add more water!  If it’s too runny, let it cook some more!  The macs and mutsus turned into mush first and the ambrosias broke down into small chunks.  I kinda like the small chunks in the apple sauce though, it gives it more texture.

You can add sugar if you like, I added less than 1/4 cup and a squeeze of lemon is nice too.

apple sauce urbanpocketknife

Make a big batch if you’re canning or make smaller batches and put it in the fridge or freezer.  I think while the apples are in season I’ll be making fresh batches but the canned ones will be saved for when apples are out of season in Vancouver.  Eating what’s in season is cool now right?

rustic apple dumplings…

31 Dec

Oh how I miss the days of apple dumplings.  Our family got our Bernese Mountain dog (Cookie was the best dog EVER) from a breeder in Orangeville, Ontario, and when we used to go up and visit, we’d always stop at a country bakery that made the BEST apple dumplings on the planet…with lard.  Each of us would scarf down a whole one each and the saucy goodness coupled with the warm cinnamony appley centre was pure heaven.

Surprisingly there isn’t a ton of recipes online but I managed to scrape a few together to come up with a version of my own.

Here’s the recipe!  Better than apple pie, I swear!

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asian sweet melon tapioca dessert…

15 Oct

This is something my grammie made me when I was little and was one of the only chinese desserts that I loved!  When I was a teenager I asked her how to make it and was it every simple!  Such a cool and refreshing dessert, it is served cold and every bite has the sweetness of melon with the creaminess of the evaporated milk.

Although she usually made it with honeydew, you can use whatever melon is in season (with the exception of watermelon, I have never tried it with that yet!)

This recipe is made with Klipper’s outrageously amazing Maverick musk melon.

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an odd watermelon salad…

20 Aug

Have you ever heard that sprinkling salt on watermelon makes it taste sweeter?  This salad is inspired by that theory!  Try crumbling some feta and adding some mint to watermelon…it’s surprisingly delicious and not weird at all.  The feta adds the saltiness that enhances the watermelon flavour and the mint is refreshing!  Better eat it quick though, the salt from the feta draws out the water from the melon so leaving it overnight might leave you a watermelon soup instead of salad!