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english toffee sugar-free apple crisp…

27 Feb

low carb apple crumble urbanpocketknife

Probably the easiest fall dessert to make, apple crumble hits the spot on cold wintery days.  We’re back on our low carb paleo-ish diet so I have to bust out the sugar-free dessert options as we wean ourselves off of wheat and sugar.

We get tons of apples this season since it’s about the only fruit that is still local and who can get sick of them with all the variety that’s out there?

Here’s the recipe!

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low carb open strawberry rhubarb pie!

13 Jul

strawberry rhubarb pie urbanpocketknife

Mmmm, fresh rhubarb made it’s way to the farmer’s market in the spring and I managed to snatch a few stalks before they ran out!  In all honesty, I’ve always loved the pinkish red celery-like colour but have never actually cooked it!  Of course the classic strawberry rhubarb pie came to mind and I figured I’d give it whirl with the almond crust that I’ve come to favour.

Tart, sweet and oh some summery!  If only Vancouver would cooperate and give us some sun!

Here’s the recipe….

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almond flour pancakes….gluten-free strikes again!

13 Apr

almond flour pancakes urbanpocketknife

Hooray for pancakes again!  I’ve been experimenting with almond flour in baked goods and although extremely tasty, it doesn’t lend to a lofty batter that rises in the oven.  However, I’ve discovered a secret, almond flour is great for making pancakes!  With a bit of baking soda, these little guys rise up just like the wheat variety and taste quite good!

As for syrup, I used some left over simple syrup that I used to make orange peel candy….whoa, that stuff is good.

Here’s the recipe, you can half it if you want a single family sized serving (we like leftovers for the rest of the week!)

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organic coconut flour and cherry cake…

7 Apr

cherry cake urbanpocketknife

Remember back in the day when you used to eat those box cakes that bits of pinkish dots in it that was suppose to be cherry cake?  I used to love those cupcakes as a kid but now that I’m a grownup, I can bake it out of real ingredients!

I was lucky enough to get a bag of frozen cherries from Klipper’s last weekend and in true fashion,I greedily hoarded them even though I didn’t know what I was going to do with it.  I ate one cherry to test it out but it wasn’t quite the summery burstiness that I was expecting.

Makin’ some spaghetti squash with my beef brisket so I thought I’d take advantage of the heated oven and bake a cake at the same time.  Coconut flour is a miracle flour.  High in fibre and you need so little of it (with addition of extra eggs) to make something fluffy and delicious.  This cake is low in carbs, sugar-free and made with organic coconut flour, cherries and eggs!

Here’s the recipe…

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chocolate ricotta mousse dessert…

6 Apr

chocolate ricotta urbanpocketknife

The simplest and most gratifying dessert I could muster up has arrived!  I have a terrible sweet tooth and probably a carb tooth too so finding dessert that is healthy is mega hard for me.  But alas, I found a great alternative!  It’s a ricotta mousse flavoured with chocolate, peanut butter and a touch of erythritol.  Just enough sweetness and packed full of protein, this can be whipped up in just a matter of minutes.  It’s so gratifying in fact, you barely need more than 1/2 cup to feel satisfied!

It’s reminiscent of a lighter cheesecake in cup form….here’s the recipe!

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almond flour applesauce breakfast muffins…

1 Apr

almond flour applesauce muffins

Oh oh muffins!  I used to avoid these little babies since I learned that they’re way worse for you than donuts.  How can it be true?!?!?  These muffins however are scrumptious and actually good for you.  No sugar, low carb, packed full of vitamins, a perfect run-out-of-the-door kind of breakfast.  Plus they make an excellent snack.  I’ve loaded these guys up with a dollop of applesauce in the middle, but you can omit that since there’s actually applesauce in the batter!

My baking staple of almond flour came to the rescue again….here’s the recipe!

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Surprise no flour chocolate cake!

25 Mar

One of my climbing friend’s was telling me how she once ate a brownie made out black beans that was really good.  I naturally didn’t really believe her but went home to research some beany desserts.  Turns out there are a ton of recipes that call for beans in gluten-free baking for moist, rich and healthy cakes.

I have to say, this is probably my best gluten-free recipe to date.  The chocolate cake is super moist, looks like cake made out of wheat, has tons of fibre, protein and no sugar….seriously….I’ve never tasted something so rich and sweet that was so healthy!

I used some friends as guinea pigs and not one of them suspected a thing, no one tasted the beans and the great thing is that a small slice is extra filling!

Try it yourself, you won’t be disappointed!  Here’s the recipe…

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