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new french macaron classes in vancouver…

6 Feb

I’ve added a new class to my roster and am now teaching French Macaron classes at Save on Meats!  Learn how to master the perfect shells and create these mouth watering treats at home.  Two flavours are featured in the class, and not only do you get to try them in class but you get to take some home to enjoy later!

Sign up for Macaron Makin’ at Save on Meats here.

macaron class vancouver urbanpocketknife

spiral hat and giant buttons…

24 Oct
kaysia hat urbanpocketknife

took a vote among all the cuzzies, the green button won

Last winter it was mega mega cold for my family out east in Ontario and NY.  One of my cuzzie’s had commented on a hat I was wearing on our last visit out there and I kept it in my memory banks to make one for her when I got back home.  I’m pretty in love with this pattern on Ravelry called Kaysia.

It’s pretty simple but with the chunky yarn, it becomes very textural and pretty cool.  I didn’t quite get the end result in the picture above, there is a loop that comes out from the top that fastens to the button at the rim adding another element of shape.

This puppy was done in an alpaca/wool blend to make it extra warm!  Pattern recommends dpns but you could always go the route of long circulars with the magic method!

kaysia hat urbanpocketknife



lizardy-like mega long mittens…

1 Oct

twilight mitten urbanpocketknife

Le cat in mid-yawn looking like he hates the mitten.  I’m not sure why I made these…kinda like most things I knit.  I just came across this pattern Phenomenon on Ravlery.  I thought the cables were really interesting and linked in a different way.  I later learned that the pattern is inspired by the mittens Bella wore in Twilight…erm…less cool but knitters out there continue to amaze me as they can create a pattern out of something they just see in a movie!

I had some Briggs yarn sitting around, which fun fact…is the oldest wooden woolen mill in Canada.  This stuff is rough, like what those mega big cool hipster sweaters are like with all the animals fair isled into them.  It was really the perfect choice though because it made the cable curves pop out really nice from the rigidity of the yarn.  It also makes them more heavy duty so I’m not afraid to wipe the snow from my car with them…not like that princessy merino…pffff.

twilight mitten urbanpocketknife

A catless shot of the mitt, the pattern is really gorgeous and the emerald green tweed yarn makes it look almost lizardy or dragony no?





crayon scratch hat, neck cozy and pompom…

3 Sep

crayon scratch hat theurbanpocketknife

In general, I don’t really like knit patterns made for men, they’re kinda boring to knit and the colours chosen are usually equally boring.  A friend of mine requested a hat after visiting a yarn store together in the Okanagan, he choose the luxurious merino wool by Malabrigo in Rasta.  What’s even more awesome is he chose a colour scheme that was really rad, mostly black with flecks of rainbow colour in it, totally reminds me of my childhood crayon scratch art.

crayon scratch hat theurbanpocketknife

I used the pattern Kilimanjaro just as guide to sizing for men, kept it at stockinette and didn’t start decreasing until I felt it had the right slouch.  Stockinette shows off flecks of colour beautifully as it creates individual Vs that contrast the main colour of the yarn, you don’g get the same affect with garter.

crayon scratch neck cozy theurbanpocketknife

This kerchief cowl pattern I teach in my classes because it uses just garter and couldn’t be easier.  It has a cool bandana feel with the point at the bottom and the fold over triangle on the top.  He wasn’t too sure about it at first but now apparently loves it.

crayon scratch pompom theurbanpocketknife

And lastly because I had some yarn left over, a pompom…for his climbing chalk bag.  Apparently it keeps the chalk from flying all over the place and it feels nice to squeeze your hands around it while climbing.


aubergine baby cardi, booties, bonnet and toy…

15 Jul

julia's knit baby cardi the urbanpocketknife

I love me some knitted baby clothes!  My friend was having a baby this year so I made this set for her baby shower.  I do love making wee clothing because it’s fast and it’s great practice for when I want to do adult sizes.  This sweet little baby cardigan is by Drops design but I omitted the collar because it was too frilly.

julia's knit baby cardi the urbanpocketknife

Mom’s fav colours are purple and yellow so I made sure to include it in the design.  Cool buttons are from Button Button  in Gastown, my go to place for buttons.

julia's knit baby bonnet the urbanpocketknife

Same pattern came with a bonnet design….ummm ADORBS!

julia's knit baby bootie the urbanpocketknife

I found this pattern for the booties elsewhere that matched the set perfectly.

julia's horse the urbanpocketknife

And as a bonus, I made a toy pony to represent the year that she was born, the year of the horse!  I’m making this a sort of tradition, make a toy of the chinese zodiac the baby was born in and the parents open it after they give birth.

julia's horse the urbanpocketknife

This pattern is way too cute.

julia's horse the urbanpocketknife

And as if the pony pattern is not enough, another clever crochet designer came up with a pattern for the blanket…genius!  I heart yarn.


gehry inspired giant cable hat…

11 Feb

gehry knitted hat the urbanpocketknife

I remember back in the day when I begged and begged my mom to crochet me a flowery off-white cardigan that was so popular in the 80s.  Thinking back, I totally didn’t understand the amount of work it took her to make it until now that I am obsessed with anything to do with yarn, it’s like I’ve turned into a cat.  Come to think of it, I can’t even remember if was my sister or me that begged for it….I digress.

For my mom’s birthday one year, I decided to pay it forward and knit her an extra cozy hat with some mega soft and fluffy yarn.  My mom is fairly classical in her dress but I couldn’t resist adding a mega giant pompom and a little cherry blossom to the brim.  Both are removable but my spies have told me that she keeps them both on.  I have no idea why larger-than-life pompoms bring me such joy, I think people can’t help but smile when they see one.

gehry knitted hat the urbanpocketknife

The designer said this pattern was inspired by the architecture of Frank Gehry and I have to agree it’s got quite a mysterious look with large gentle waves of cables intertwining.  Her pattern is simple called Gehry on Ravelry.

I have a picture of my mom wearing the hat which makes her look incredible adorable but I won’t post it here because I’m sure she would not appreciate her face splattered on the internet.

Probably one of my favourite hat patterns to date, I’ve knitted myself one and one for a friend as well, all using different weights and adjusting repeats as necessary.