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soboro donburi…

21 Mar


In other words, a simple mince meat rice dish that warms your belly after a cold day in the mountains!  This surprisingly whips up pretty quick and makes a great leftover lunch for the next day.


Here’s the recipe for the topping!

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hearty spicy and sweet lamb stew…

19 Nov

lamb stew urbanpocketknife

Okie dokie, the toques, giant scarves and mittens are out!  The weather is getting nippy which always means the slow cooking starts happening in my kitchen.  There’s no steadfast rules for a good stew, you scrounge your fridge for some veggies, get a nice slab of meat and add some tasty liquid.

If I’m home with time on my hands, it goes in the dutch oven, if I’m out, it’s in the crockpot.  This particular stew is slightly sweet from the veggies, has lots of tender meat, garlicky and a touch spicy.  Share it with friends, eat it with a hunk of sourdough bread and freeze the leftovers for future meals.

Here’s the recipe!

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crispy sweet and savoury mongolian beef…

24 Jun

mongolian beef theurbanpocketknife

I don’t make a lot of stir-frys, for some reason I get the impression that they’re kinda boring.  Nothing is ever cooked right, the veggies are too hard, the sauce is too goopy…I know it’s easy and fast but I get bored of it.  I do love crispy meatie things though and one night I decided to make something asiany as I am on a bit of a kick lately.  Turns out this is super easy but it does taste the best fresh.  Sweet and savoury with crispy beef and veggies that are cooked all the way through!

Here’s the recipe!

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mama chu’s tomato beef tongue…

19 Jun

beef tongue theurbanpocketknife

Ok I get it, saying beef tongue does not make most people say yum but when you’re Chinese and you grow up on it, you kinda crave it every once in a while.  I realize it is yuck worthy for less experimental palates but this is some seriously good stuff if you can past the squeamish part.  It’s tender, packed full of flavour and it’s my mama’s recipe so don’t be hatin’.

With a few common pantry items, you can turn beef tongue into something quite delectable, my mom always served it on rice but I suppose pasta or a good hunk of bread would be great stand-ins.

Here’s the recipe!

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moroccan kefta meatballs with egg

12 Jun

Moroccan Kefta urbanpocketknife

I was scrolling through Reddit one day and saw a pic of this dish that someone had made, it just looked crazy delicious, rustic and pan?  Yes please!  Did some research and apparently it’s a Moroccan dish called Kefta and I had all the ingredients in my house already….convenient.  I have a couple of friends that store a set of my tires in their garage and as a thank you, I decided to pull out this recipe…it did not disappoint.

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master stock poached chicken…

5 Jul


It may seem a little unusual to some, no crispy skin, a little bit of jelly but oh so yummy poached chicken, chinese style.  You can usual buy them in bbq chinese shops but they always seem to be passed by for the bbq pork with crispy skin.

I’ve always roasted my chickens whole but after visiting the Chinatown Night Market and eating some traditional poached chicken, I remembered how much I loved it.

So in general you would not make the classic ginger/scallion oil with a soy poached chicken but no one’s the boss of me so I made it anyway.

Here’s the recipe for the master stock!

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