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master stock poached chicken…

5 Jul


It may seem a little unusual to some, no crispy skin, a little bit of jelly but oh so yummy poached chicken, chinese style.  You can usual buy them in bbq chinese shops but they always seem to be passed by for the bbq pork with crispy skin.

I’ve always roasted my chickens whole but after visiting the Chinatown Night Market and eating some traditional poached chicken, I remembered how much I loved it.

So in general you would not make the classic ginger/scallion oil with a soy poached chicken but no one’s the boss of me so I made it anyway.

Here’s the recipe for the master stock!

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low carb zucchini pasta…

14 Nov

zucchini pasta urbanpocketknife


It’s been much too long since my last post but alas, I’ve dug up some photos of things that I meant to blog but never got around to doing it.  Although we have jumped on the bandwagon of spaghetti squash, there’s something quite spectacular about zucchini pasta.  It’s ribbon-like tendrils resemble linguini and has a lovely bit to it, much like al dente pasta.  It doesn’t get as watery and man can you eat a ton of it!

Although a million times more expensive then regular pasta, it does contain tons more nutrition and you can eat more of it without feeling guilty.  I paired mine with some leftover lamb roast that I shredded but feel free to make this a traditional tomato based pasta with meatballs!

Here’s the recipe!

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collard green low carb wraps…

7 Aug

collard green wraps urbanpocketknife

Sometimes you just want a wrap without the tortilla.  Collard greens and some mighty sturdy veggies that can withstand bending and biting without falling apart.  A great wrap alternative, these veggies are neutral enough that it won’t affect the taste of your filling and is just so darn healthy!

collard green wraps urbanpocketknife

The important thing is to make sure your filling is of a dry variety.  I just stir fried some ground pork with zucchini and carrots and seasoned it with a variety of curry.  No liquid!  Unless you are going to cook it off.  The collards don’t really absorb any liquid like tortillas do so it can be messy if it’s too wet.

collard green wraps urbanpocketknife

Steaming the collard greens whole is best, just until they get tender enough to bend without breaking.  Cool it down and dry them out.

collard green wraps urbanpocketknife

Place your filling in the middle and wrap like a burrito, you’ll get a pretty seam going down the middle!  Take a bite and enjoy!

slow cooked pork stew…

30 Jul

pork stew urbanpocketknife


When I’m lazy, I usually throw everything into a dutch oven and cook it to death until it resembles some kind of stew thing.  I like to throw in hardy veggies like carrots and onions in the beginning and then softer veggies towards the end.  This simple stew has some pre-made spice mix tossed in along with some beef stock I had froze earlier.

In general, once the meat is tender, I scoop everything out and let the beef stock reduce.  Add everything back in and there’s no need for cornstarch or flour to thicken the sauce since it’s been reduced so far.  Throw some steamed green veggies on top, and I say dinner is done!

spot prawn season and new pans…

6 Jun

spot prawn seafood urbanpocketknife

On a trip back from Smith Rock, I finally took the time and energy to buy new super awesome spectacular pans from Calphalon’s Outlet store in Seattle.  There’s something about quality cookware that makes me excited to cook even more!

The first test was the hard-anodized saucepan that I purchased complete with lid.  Since it’s spot prawn season and I can’t seem to get enough, I whipped up a steamed veggie and seafood dish that was really enough for three even though we are two.

Here’s the recipe!

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caulifower low carb couscous substitute…

14 Mar

cauliflower rice substitute urbanpocketknife

Wouldn’t you know, the one thing I wanted to feature on this plate ended up being the blurry one in the photo…sigh.  One of the hardest things about going low carb is getting rid of some of your staples in your pantry.  Things like rice, pasta and bread are just a few high carb foods that are so easy to make and are great fillers for any meal.

I’ve been reading other blogs about rice substitutes and the consensus is always cauliflower.  I thought I’d give it a go but to be perfectly honest, the texture is more like couscous then rice.

It’s quite simple really, just throw small chunks of cauliflower in your food processor and pulse until it’s the size you want.  Fry it up in a big pan with some oil, add some spices if you like, salt and pepper…really anything you’d put in fried rice.  I used some minced garlic and some barberries (a persian classic with a touch of saffron) and in no time you have a big helping of fake out couscous.  Just keep tasting it as you go along so you don’t overcook it.

It’s tasty, it feels likes starchy side but it’s all veggies man.  And best of all, it’s cheap, one big cauliflower is about 6-8 servings!