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spot prawn season and new pans…

6 Jun

spot prawn seafood urbanpocketknife

On a trip back from Smith Rock, I finally took the time and energy to buy new super awesome spectacular pans from Calphalon’s Outlet store in Seattle.  There’s something about quality cookware that makes me excited to cook even more!

The first test was the hard-anodized saucepan that I purchased complete with lid.  Since it’s spot prawn season and I can’t seem to get enough, I whipped up a steamed veggie and seafood dish that was really enough for three even though we are two.

Here’s the recipe!

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trio fish and red kuri squash stew…

23 Dec

fish and squash stew urbanpocketknife

I always forget how satisfying stew are to make.  After we finished our organic meat order and were waiting for our next one to be delivered, we ventured into getting more seafood.

I love squash in stews, it adds tons of flavour and acts as a great thickening agent as it falls apart.  This stew is uber easy to make as long as you do stuff in the right order to avoid over or under cooking anything.

Three types of fish: cod, salmon and red snapper with some hearty root vegetables like rainbow carrots, red kuri squash and red pearl onions!

Here’s the recipe!

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low carb sushi rolls!

2 Aug

low carb sushi urbanpocketknife

Once upon a time I took a sushi making class and continued to make it at home all the time.  After switching to low carb and not having rice in the house anymore, I was a little bummed that my sushi gadgets weren’t being used anymore.

I had seen sushi wrapped in thin slices of cucumber before but I had never ordered it until now!  Totally low carb and basically just raw fish and vegetables…tastes like sushi and is completely guilt free!

I gave it a whirl at home, I probably didn’t have the appropriate knife because cutting the cucumber was a hard task indeed.  I basically followed this video below:

low carb sushi urbanpocketknife

I piled everything up on one end starting with some mustard greens (taste like wasabi!), some smoked black cod, scallops that were marinated in mayo and green onions.  Roll em up and cut into 4 pieces!

low carb sushi urbanpocketknife

This one had some ruby streak lettuce (also very spicy) with some salmon and scallop.

low carb sushi urbanpocketknife

I ran out of cucumber slices after a while so I just used some collard greens as wraps instead.  Turned out pretty good!

tuna mango ceviche with rosemary flatbread…

15 Jul

tuna mango ceviche urbanpocketknife

So I made this foolproof appetizer for a dinner party one night because a) it’s easy and b) it’s damn tasty.  Fresh raw tuna belly with some mango and pepper friends make this a great ceviche.  I took a 1/3 measuring cup as my mold 🙂 Add some fresh pea shoots and some rosemary cracker/flatbread and you’ve got yourself a tasty little appetizer!

Click the links for the recipes!

Tuna belly mango ceviche

Rosemary almond crackers

budget crabcakes with fish!

28 Dec

crabcakes urbanpocketknife

For my ex-roomie’s birthday, I decided to make crabcakes only to discover that crab meat at Granville island is $35.00 a pound…ummm no thanks.  I opted to cheat a bit and make fishcakes with crab in it and might I say, they were ultra delicious!  I grabbed a pound of a mix of sole and lumpfish and purchased a can of crabmeat as the base.

A little spicy, a little tangy and with a lemon aioli sauce….so yum…here’s the recipe!

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baked salmon and veg…

13 Sep

A one dish wonder!  Cut up some veggies that you have on hand and lay some delicious pieces of salmon on top.  Bake in the oven and if you have a delicious dinner and leftovers can be made into yummy sandwiches!  Super easy to do and full of vitamins and minerals!

Here’s the recipe…

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Oshizushi Part II – pressed sushi is very yum…

28 Jun

I’ve posted the recipe for Oshizushi before and this is just one of the variations that are possible!  This one is a duo treat because it’s got two different sides.  It’s like making 6 sushi rolls all at once…sweet time saver.

Check out the original recipe for the execution but use these ingredients instead!  Enjoy!

What you need!
5 cups of cooked and seasoned sushi rice
75 grams smoked salmon
1/2 lb sashimi grade tuna tidbits
2 lemons (1 sliced, 1 for the juice)
1/2 small white onion
1 lb cooked white shrimp
1 avocado
1/2 cup cucumber cut into sticks