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March 5th – East Van Bazaar!

29 Feb

Another year, another craft market!  Come see me at East Van Bazaar on Saturday March 5th between 12-6pm!

Besides the ‘ol preserves and hand crafted greeting cards, I am introducing a new line of feather accessories to float in those trusses of yours!  Each pair of earrings or hairpiece is unique from the rest and features an array of natural feathers.  They’re pretty cool and stylish!

Come say hello!

East Van Bazaar
1739 Venables St
Saturday March 5th – 12-6pm


fun article I did an interview for…

11 Aug

Canning and fermenting are easy ways to preserve the bounty of the harvest – by Megan Cole / The Canadian Press

my cat is so hipster…

20 Dec

american apparel cat shirt urbanpocketknife

There was a huge American Apparel outlet sale a few weeks ago and we couldn’t resist getting a Milo a couple of new shirts.  This one makes him look ultra buff.

knit bombing yay!

28 Oct

knit bombing urbanpocketknife

On the new Dunsmuir bike parking lanes, there lies a row of bike posts that have been wonderfully knit bombed.  It’s a little bit silly to have such absorbent materials draping over outdoor structures but there’s something quite fresh and colourful about it all.

Sure Vancouver wet weather is sure to make these guys look soggy and gross, but for now, I think they add a little bit of life to the otherwise metal and concrete streets.  Look how pretty…

knit bombing urbanpocketknife

now that’s a button…

26 Oct

button trivet urbanpocketknife

In my never ending quest for oversized objects, I gotta say this is ah-mazing.  Who doesn’t want a giant button as a trivet?  All that teapot needs is a crocheted cozy and this would be my perfect living room setup.  Oh and add a cat while you’re at it.

Jim Knopf sells this on Etsy all the way from Germany.  And it won’t break the bank as it’s only $23.50 USD plus $8.80 for shipping.

brussel sprout stalk….

17 Oct

brussel sprouts stalk urbanpocketknife

I know it’s silly, but sometimes I REALLY  like buying vegetables that have it’s original parts attached.  If there’s an apple with a leaf attached, it’s sure to find it’s way in my bag.  I saw a lady carrying a stalk of brussel sprouts at the West End Farmer’s Market one weekend and  I quickly accosted her and asked where she got it from.  Bolting down the stands with an 8 year old child on my arm who didn’t understand what all the hubbub was all about it, I found the stand that had only one left.

Hoping I didn’t look to desperate, I wait patiently behind 4 other people while being riddled by many questions by this 8 year old why I loved brussel sprouts so much.  I tried to explain that it was cool that it was on the stalk still…she didn’t get it.

In any case, I scored the last one for $5….dood, such a bargain.

Ok so you can’t eat the stalk because it’s woody as hell but it  looked  like a little trophy on my kitchen counter for a couple of days and made me smile.  Plus it made the best dish of brussel sprouts ever, charred, with some fried prosciutto, grated sheep cheese and drizzle of truffle oil.

brussel sprouts stalk urbanpocketknife

iphone camouflage….

13 Oct

WhoOoOoOoooa!  This blew my mind when someone pointed it out.

That iphone case was the best $3 I’ve ever spent.  Thankfully my friend found it on the top row (which I would’ve never seen) at the Richmond Summer Night Market.