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third floor visitor…

5 Jan

third floor visitor squirrel urbanpocketknife

We have a lot of street animals living in our hood.  A cat that belongs to someone down the road frequents our building because there are about 8 of us that let him in and leave food out for him.  There are skunks in every corner of the street, a nursery of racoons in trees, giant seagulls on pathways.  It’s quite a site to see considering we live downtown.

Our building is covered in vines that can sometimes grow into our house through the cracks of our windows.  I always here ruckus at the side of our building but just assumed it was the pigeons fighting for roosting space.  I was totally wrong.

Even though we live on the third top floor, squirrels like to chase each other along the vines of our building.  And often I see them running across our bay windows in our living room.  It’s like a puppet show.

I caught one in action on my camera finally while le cat was getting ready to pounce.  I wonder if they would come in if we had the windows open?


your kids can drink beer now too!

19 Oct

Kid's beer urbanpocketknife

Oh the ridiculousness of it all!  Yet another crazy thing from Japan, we discovered fake beer for kids in a Japanese convenience store on Robson.  I personally like the foamy graphic at the top and who knows what flavour this drink actually is!

I’m not entirely sure why this product is necessary but it is a little amazing.

Kid's beer urbanpocketknife

can you help me find my unicorn?

21 Dec

unicorn urbanpocketknife

I did a double take walking downtown in Toronto when I saw this ad.  Unicorns are funny.  My sister used to collect them and I have another friend that wants a tattoo of a unicorn fighting a narwhal.

Has anyone tried calling the number?

menu typos make me laugh…

13 Jul

I have no idea why this made me laugh so hard.  Mostly because the menu was actually not hand written and the feature was a bright yellow in a jazzy font.  Sigh.  I’ve seen a lot of typos on asian menu boards but this one “french bakery” made me laugh because this is how they would actually pronounce cauliflower.  Ls are hard for my people alright!??!!?

parking fail…

22 Apr

Le sigh….I found these three douchebags at an asian super market…insert racial joke here.

failed flavours

13 Mar


2 Mar