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low carb zucchini pasta…

14 Nov

zucchini pasta urbanpocketknife


It’s been much too long since my last post but alas, I’ve dug up some photos of things that I meant to blog but never got around to doing it.  Although we have jumped on the bandwagon of spaghetti squash, there’s something quite spectacular about zucchini pasta.  It’s ribbon-like tendrils resemble linguini and has a lovely bit to it, much like al dente pasta.  It doesn’t get as watery and man can you eat a ton of it!

Although a million times more expensive then regular pasta, it does contain tons more nutrition and you can eat more of it without feeling guilty.  I paired mine with some leftover lamb roast that I shredded but feel free to make this a traditional tomato based pasta with meatballs!

Here’s the recipe!

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baked salmon and veg…

13 Sep

A one dish wonder!  Cut up some veggies that you have on hand and lay some delicious pieces of salmon on top.  Bake in the oven and if you have a delicious dinner and leftovers can be made into yummy sandwiches!  Super easy to do and full of vitamins and minerals!

Here’s the recipe…

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you’re a spicy little guy….

27 Aug

A special little pepper in Spain, the padron pepper is packed full of flavour and are mostly sweet and mild but 1 out of 10 is ultra spicy!  The traditional way to serve these guys in Spain is to fry them with a little olive oil and add sea salt.  Eat ’em whole and be ultra surpised should you bite into a spicy one!

The spicy ones seem a little hot at first but slowly builds until it’s ultra spicy in your mouth.  Delicious but potentially deadly.  Our batch turned up A LOT of spicy ones so I think they’re destined to turn into a hot sauce instead of a snack.

Try it yourself…add a little bit of olive oil to a hot pan and fry them until the skin starts to blister and turn brown/black.  Add a little salt and enjoy!

green and yellow zucchini masala with arugala…

22 Jul

I discovered a package of masala spice in the back of our cupboard the other day and decided to add it to a zucchini side I was already making.  The flavour ended up being intense!  Super delicious, this one stop spice was all I needed for this simple dish!

Here’s the recipe!

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snowpea leaves with water chestnuts…

14 Jun

snowpea leaves with water chestnuts

I always like shopping at foreign (is that not PC?) grocery stores because I always find vegetables that I’ve never eaten before.  Along one misting aisle, there lay bags and bags of green veggies and I picked up a huge bag of snowpea leaves to give a whirl in the kitchen.

The leaves are quite large and the stems are hollow like green onion.  They pretty much cook up like spinach so that giant bag actually shrank down to a more edible amount!

Here’s the recipe!

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everyone’s sick! make chicken soup!

18 May

Ack!  Everyone is sick in the house (except for me) so I’m making some potent health-healing soup to help the boys combat their sicknesses!  With the long weekend trip coming up, we can’t have anyone sick on the long drive!  I’m not sure why chicken noodle soup always makes people feel better, maybe because it feels nice and warm in your belly, taste good and is chock full of vitamins and nutrients.

Here’s my recipe to cure the sick!  Make a huge pot and make them eat it for a few days!

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anyone can make acorn squash!

11 May

Another simple recipe for a perfectly delicious acorn squash.  Takes 2 minutes prepare and then you just leave it in the oven for an hour.  Pick a squash that feels heavy for it’s size and has no blemishes on the outside.  This amazing veg can stay on your counter for days without going bad!  Here’s a super easy recipe that enhances the sweetness…

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