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diy trail mix with all the good stuff….

21 May

diy trail mix theurbanpocketknife

Let me premise by saying I kinda hate trail mix.  It’s one of those snacks that you never really eat in the city and only when you’re on some outside adventure.  Although it’s a high energy snack, full of nutrients and fibre, I detest how it dries out your mouth, it’s filled with bland or overly salted nuts, and makes you more thirsty.

diy trail mix theurbanpocketknife

I stopped into Ayoub’s one day, which by the way is the most unique and wonderful bulk food store, and picked up some ingredients.  The shop stores their own roasted nuts and dried fruit in beautiful silver pedestals with dome lids.

I must admit that the trail mix was partially inspired by a vendor I saw at a farmer’s market once who added shredded beef jerky to the nuts….genius!

diy trail mix theurbanpocketknife

So what’s in this trail mix?  I wanted a mix of different complementary flavours, kill some of the salt, add some sweetness and different textures.  I suppose the ratios don’t matter too much as it’s up to your personal preference.

Spicy Cashews (cayenne, lime, saffron, salt)
Salted Peanuts
Raw Macadamia (probs my fav nut!)
Roasted Almonds
Green Raisins
Raw Hazelnuts (gleaned by my friend!)
Shredded Beef Jerky (blitzed in my food processor)

I’m debating on adding some chocolate chips but was not sure if that would be overkill 🙂  I’ll be honest, this trail mix isn’t that cheap but at least I’ll eat it on my next climbing trip!