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tangy meyer lemon curd…

22 Dec

meyer lemon curd theurbanpocketknife

The colour alone is so sunny!  After stopping at a friend’s house recently, I saw her box of meyer lemons on her counter and asked where she got them from.  Turns out Costco sells 4lb boxes for under $8.  I rarely buy produce at Costco but the next time I went, I made sure to make a beeline for those lemons!

Lemon curd is possibly the most luscious, tangy and sweet spread out there.  And with meyer lemons it adds an extra layer of uniqueness over other citrus.  Made with eggs, butter and sugar, this treat is perfect for tarts, dipping in fruit or really just eating with a spoon!

meyer lemon curd theurbanpocketknife

Use free-range organic eggs for an extra colour boost without having to add food colouring, the orange yolks lend to a deeper yellow in your curd.

Here’s the recipe!

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roasted baba ghanoush…

11 Oct

baba ghanoush urbanpocketknife

We’ve had a surplus of eggplant lately and to get it all cooked up in one batch I decided to make baba ghanoush.  Once upon a time, this was the only human food that my cat Milo would eat…weird.

It’s a pretty easy endeavor, blacken up some eggplant, cook until it’s soft and blend it with some other delicious things.  It’s not too involved but it makes for a tasty dip for veggies and flat bread or a yummy spread for sandwiches.  It’s perfect for the low-carb diet as you can control what goes in and the bulk of it is eggplant!

I made a larger than normal portion so I could freeze some of it for another day!  Here’s the recipe…

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garlic scape pesto….

9 Aug

Passing through Squamish one climbing afternoon, we came to a farmer’s market (I adore farmer’s markets) and saw these green curly veggies that I was immediately drawn to.  I guess I like buying vegetables that are “pretty” and this garlic scape reminded me of the head of Medusa.  I gave it a whiff and smelled just like green onions but milder.  A lady had sauteed them with some apple cider vinegar and the texture was almost like asparagus.  In any case, I bought a big bunch for $2.50 not knowing what I was going to do with them.

After searching on the nerdnet for a while, I discovered that this is basically the top of a garlic bulb.  They grow curly at first when the plant is young and tender and straighten out when it grows older and stronger.  Lots of people had fabulous ideas for pesto so I decided to make that!  The cooked version always looked a little brown so super green pesto was in order!

Read on for the recipe!

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