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zesty and spicy orange bokchoy…

20 Oct

orange bokchoy urbanpocketknife

Bokchoy is super boring to me so whenever the other half buys it, I try and make it a little bit more interesting.  Looking at my pantry of jars, I decided to open up a can of orange wedges infused in some rooibos tea syrup.  Stir fried the bok choy up with a little soy, chili flakes and garlic and threw in the orange pieces last minute.

The result was a sweet, spicy, tangy bok choy that was very unboring.


you’re a spicy little guy….

27 Aug

A special little pepper in Spain, the padron pepper is packed full of flavour and are mostly sweet and mild but 1 out of 10 is ultra spicy!  The traditional way to serve these guys in Spain is to fry them with a little olive oil and add sea salt.  Eat ’em whole and be ultra surpised should you bite into a spicy one!

The spicy ones seem a little hot at first but slowly builds until it’s ultra spicy in your mouth.  Delicious but potentially deadly.  Our batch turned up A LOT of spicy ones so I think they’re destined to turn into a hot sauce instead of a snack.

Try it yourself…add a little bit of olive oil to a hot pan and fry them until the skin starts to blister and turn brown/black.  Add a little salt and enjoy!

garlic scape pesto….

9 Aug

Passing through Squamish one climbing afternoon, we came to a farmer’s market (I adore farmer’s markets) and saw these green curly veggies that I was immediately drawn to.  I guess I like buying vegetables that are “pretty” and this garlic scape reminded me of the head of Medusa.  I gave it a whiff and smelled just like green onions but milder.  A lady had sauteed them with some apple cider vinegar and the texture was almost like asparagus.  In any case, I bought a big bunch for $2.50 not knowing what I was going to do with them.

After searching on the nerdnet for a while, I discovered that this is basically the top of a garlic bulb.  They grow curly at first when the plant is young and tender and straighten out when it grows older and stronger.  Lots of people had fabulous ideas for pesto so I decided to make that!  The cooked version always looked a little brown so super green pesto was in order!

Read on for the recipe!

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can you stomach it? chili soy chicken feet…

10 May

A famous delicacy at Dim Sum restaurants across North America, chicken feet are pretty popular in Asian culinary delights!  People can get pretty queasy about putting these digits in their mouth and the texture doesn’t exactly help those that are squeamish.  Because of all the cartilage content, it is important to cook them for a while and the added bonus is that their great for your joints!

If you are bold and adventurous….have a go at the recipe below!

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green curry with pulled chicken and veggies…

14 Apr

On a cold, rainy, dismal grey day, nothing beats a spicy warm green curry with rice!  I put lots of hearty vegetables like large carrots, eggplants and potatos into this dish to make it really stick to your bones!  There are tons of variations that you can make but this is the recipe I made for tonight!

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double trouble spicy sweet pototo casserole thingy…

7 Apr

I love multi-coloured veggie dishes and when I saw purple yams at the grocery store, I quickly picked some up knowing I had an orange one in my fridge.  I love the sweetness of yams but sometimes I don’t like it when recipes call for even more sugar!  This recipe I made is slightly salty, slightly spicy and turned out pretty tasty.

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