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diy trail mix with all the good stuff….

21 May

diy trail mix theurbanpocketknife

Let me premise by saying I kinda hate trail mix.  It’s one of those snacks that you never really eat in the city and only when you’re on some outside adventure.  Although it’s a high energy snack, full of nutrients and fibre, I detest how it dries out your mouth, it’s filled with bland or overly salted nuts, and makes you more thirsty.

diy trail mix theurbanpocketknife

I stopped into Ayoub’s one day, which by the way is the most unique and wonderful bulk food store, and picked up some ingredients.  The shop stores their own roasted nuts and dried fruit in beautiful silver pedestals with dome lids.

I must admit that the trail mix was partially inspired by a vendor I saw at a farmer’s market once who added shredded beef jerky to the nuts….genius!

diy trail mix theurbanpocketknife

So what’s in this trail mix?  I wanted a mix of different complementary flavours, kill some of the salt, add some sweetness and different textures.  I suppose the ratios don’t matter too much as it’s up to your personal preference.

Spicy Cashews (cayenne, lime, saffron, salt)
Salted Peanuts
Raw Macadamia (probs my fav nut!)
Roasted Almonds
Green Raisins
Raw Hazelnuts (gleaned by my friend!)
Shredded Beef Jerky (blitzed in my food processor)

I’m debating on adding some chocolate chips but was not sure if that would be overkill 🙂  I’ll be honest, this trail mix isn’t that cheap but at least I’ll eat it on my next climbing trip!


roasted baba ghanoush…

11 Oct

baba ghanoush urbanpocketknife

We’ve had a surplus of eggplant lately and to get it all cooked up in one batch I decided to make baba ghanoush.  Once upon a time, this was the only human food that my cat Milo would eat…weird.

It’s a pretty easy endeavor, blacken up some eggplant, cook until it’s soft and blend it with some other delicious things.  It’s not too involved but it makes for a tasty dip for veggies and flat bread or a yummy spread for sandwiches.  It’s perfect for the low-carb diet as you can control what goes in and the bulk of it is eggplant!

I made a larger than normal portion so I could freeze some of it for another day!  Here’s the recipe…

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tropical yogurt parfait….

21 Jul

yogurt parfait urbanpocketknife

Sometimes our sweet tooth can get the better of us so finding late night sweet snacks has become a challenge for me!  I flavoured up some plain yogurt with a little vanilla, erythritol and layered it with some fruits.  Turns out….it was quite a treat!

This is what I had in this one:
peeled and pitted fresh lychee
mango chunks
pink grapefruit
toasted almonds


yogurt parfait urbanpocketknife

rosemary low carb gourmet crackers…

14 Mar

rosemary almond crackers urbanpocketknife

I read the 100 mile diet not too long ago and somewhere along the lines she mentions how she never thought of making her own crackers.  It dawned on me just then that I’ve never really thought about it either and how hard could it be really?  Walking in the grocery store has become a bit of a chore since there are so many aisles that don’t fulfill our low carb diet!  Just passing by the cookie and cracker aisle makes me glum.

But alas!  This new regiment has forced me to make our own treats at home and not only is it fresher, tastier and healthier but in a lot of cases it’s way cheaper!

Almond flour is going to be a new staple in our pantry.  I got rid of all our simple carb stock like pasta, white rice, and white flour and am going to donate it to a friend’s house that can use it!

Now get ready for the perfect gourmet cracker that you can whip up in no time and is great for hosting!

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giant creme puffs at beard papa’s…

28 Apr

I got my first taste of Beard Papa’s at Aberdeen Centre but have since found them in downtown Vancouver.  Probably the smallest one to be found (there’s barely enough room for 5 people in there) we ventured into the Robson location.  Every day they feature a different flavour like mango, cappuccino, chocolate, green tea, or strawberry with classic vanilla always being an option.

These cream puffs are big and average around $2.00 each.  The eclair version was filled with vanilla cream and topped with liquid chocolate that sets.

Fresh and natural…they claim to be healthy?

The green tea version is pretty awesome…not super strong but almost tastes like a match latte!

They’re a couple of hundred calories each but well worth it, they never skimp on the filling and you get a discount if you buy a box of 6 or more.  Try one!  You won’t regret it.

the most excessive and delicious crepe on the planet…

20 Apr

your eyes are correct, that is a slice of cheesecake in the back

Walking through Aberdeen Centre I was feeling peckish and visited the food court upstairs notorious for their amazing selection of snackie foods.  I’m not sure why I’ve never discovered Mazazu Crepe but the fake plastic crepes in the display case made me decide this has got to be the best crepe place ever!

yup....100% plastic

At only $5.50 including tax, read on to see what was in my deluxe crepe!

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rice balls! erm….rice triangles! umm…onigiri!

15 Feb

Delicious, portable and darn right easy to make, these little onigiri are perfect for lunch, picnics or a quick late night snack!  I first discovered these at Sanko in Toronto but they only have them on Saturday in the afternoon and they go quick!  Later I found them at PAT Central on Bloor and then T&T in Vancouver.  At about $2 each, they are super affordable and delicious.  But why not make them yourself?

You can stuff these little balls with anything your heart desires even left overs!  I made a few varieties with things I found in my fridge so here’s the recipe for that.

What you need!

10 cups of cooked sushi rice (see how to season rice here)
3/4 cup raw fresh tuna belly (sushi-grade)
3/4 lb raw fresh pacific salmon (sushi-grade)
1 tbsp Lee Kum Kee Chili and Garlic Sauce
1 1/2 tbsp chopped green onion
1 1/2 tbsp Kewpie mayo
1/4 cup thinly sliced cucumber
1/4 lb bbq eel
1 avocado

What to do!

1.  Prepare all your ingredients first!  Chop ’em, dice ’em, whatever you need to get ’em ready to make them a tasty filling.

Negitoro – classic tuna filling: chop tuna into little bits, mix with green onion and mayo

Spicy Salmon – cut your salmon into little tidbits, mix with chili garlic sauce

Mix and match!  Eel with cucumber, tuna belly with cucumbers…any combo you like!

2.  Time to assemble!  You can form these rice balls with your hands if you keep ’em wet so it doesn’t stick, but I like to use a handy mold I bought at Daiso ($2 bucks and way less messy!).  Make sure your mold is a bit wet so the rice doesn’t stick.  Start by filling one side with rice with a little dent in the middle so the filling has somewhere cozy to sit.  Press it down with wet hands to help it pack down a little.  Spread the filling out but don’t let it touch the sides.

3.  Fill the other half with rice, pat down and squeeze together.  You might need some practice to how much rice is perfect, too little and it won’t stay together, too much and it’ll squish out the sides and be messy.

Another pic with different filling.

4.  Un-mold carefully and set aside.  It is ok to keep it in the fridge, keeping it chilled will actually firm them up a bit, but don’t do it for too long uncovered or the rice will dry up and get hard.

5.  Cut strips of nori (sushi seaweed paper) so that it’s slightly smaller than one of the sides of the triangle.  For my mold, it was about 3 strips per sheet.

6.  Time to eat!  Take the nori sheet that you cut and wrap it around one of the flat sides of the triangle.  The nori keeps your fingers from getting sticky!  If you want to save these for later, wrap the rice balls in saran wrap individually and pack the nori separate so it stays crisp.  Enjoy!  Oh and this recipe made about 7 rice balls but these puppies are bigger than the ones you see in the stores.