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bacon pork liver pâté with pomegranate jelly…

25 Nov

bacon pork liver pate pomegranate jelly urbanpocketknife


As usual, I kind of forgot that I had a whack load of piglet offal in my freezer that my local farmer graciously donated because her customers don’t really request it.  I can’t say no to free food so I accepted it and chucked it into my freezer.  My plan was to make all kinds of pâtés and terrines but I’ve never made it so kept it on the back burner for ages.  Scrounging through my deep freeze to find some chicken stock, I found the long lost offal bag and decided now was the time to attack it.

My family has always loved pâtés so we definitely grew up on it not really knowing what was in it.  Usually I buy it from Oyama on Granville Island because they sell the most delicious meaty things but it can run a little expensive at $3.99-$7.99 for 100gr.

So it turns out it’s way easier than I thought it would be…this recipe makes a few small batches and the great thing is you can freeze it!  I had a lone pomegranate in the fridge so I thought instead of a red wine jelly, maybe a pomegranate jelly would suffice.

Here’s the recipe!

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