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zesty and spicy orange bokchoy…

20 Oct

orange bokchoy urbanpocketknife

Bokchoy is super boring to me so whenever the other half buys it, I try and make it a little bit more interesting.  Looking at my pantry of jars, I decided to open up a can of orange wedges infused in some rooibos tea syrup.  Stir fried the bok choy up with a little soy, chili flakes and garlic and threw in the orange pieces last minute.

The result was a sweet, spicy, tangy bok choy that was very unboring.


that’s not an orange, this is an orange!

23 Apr

It’s true, I bought this only because of it’s sheer size.  Giant orange globes in the fruit stand beckoned me to pick them up and giggle while I compared them to their puny counterparts beside in the next bin.  Four in shopping basket is all I could muster…I know, they’re probably just all peel and the flesh is probably dried out but who cares!