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no breadcrumbs lamb and beef meatloaf!

24 Mar

beef lamb no breadcrum meatloaf urbanpocketknife

I’ve never made or ordered meatloaf before, in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten it!  I have visions of dried overcooked meat in my mind as the image of meatloaf but it dawned on me the other day that it probably doesn’t have to be so.  Plus it’s low carb, plus it make enough for lots of leftovers and plus it’s super easy.

We ordered a bunch of organic meat recently so I took the opportunity to mix in some ground lamb with some ground beef!  Meatloaf is one of those things that you can throw anything in to, I kept mine pretty simple with lots of flavour but feel free to add in your favourite veggies!

Here’s the recipe…

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Vlad is leaving…Make Seafood Bouillabaisse!

10 Jun


I still think about the bouillabaisse from Richtree in Toronto only because that’s the only place where it’s affordable.  It’s super easy to make and is a simple soup base with a crap load of seafood in it.  One of those one pot wonders that takes no time at all but is extra delicious for dipping bread into.

Since Vlad was leaving Vancouver for a few months, we decided to make a big pot of bouillabaisse with the help of T&T‘s awesome seafood department.  We made enough for at least 5-6 people for the price of one at a seafood restaurant.  Good deal!

Here’s the recipe!

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braised coca-cola beef brisket…

31 May

Beef brisket is a toughie and needs to be cooked for a long time before it gets tender.  My dad used to make spareribs and added coke to the sauce since it gave it a caramelized flavour that is sweet and almost malty.  At Christmas last year, I used a coke glaze for the ham and no one was the wiser.

What the hell, I’m adding it to beef brisket…anything that is braised should have some sugar in it anyway to make it thick and delicious.  I made a whack of it and added a bunch of root vegetables to make it extra hearty.

Here’s the recipe!

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raid your freezer creamy garlic shrimp with green peas….

29 Apr

Uncomplicated dinners on the fly aren’t always my specialty but sometimes choosing simple ingredients makes it easier to make a quick recipe!  With no cutting involved and quick cooking frozen seafood and veggies, I whipped this up in less than 30 minutes.  Here’s the recipe!

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what is this weird kohlrabi that you speak of?

27 Apr

I’ve always seen this weird green bulbous vegetable in asian markets but I never knew what to do with them.  So I decided to purchase one and see what I could use it for.  Apparently if you buy them small (much smaller than the one I bought),  you can slice or chop them up and eat them raw in salads.  It as a radish/cabbage flavour and has a crisp white flesh that retains a lot of moisture.  I opted to stir fry it since mine was of the mature variety.  Preparation is pretty easy, just cut away the outer layer and then you can eat everything that is inside.

The flavour ended up being pretty mild but went great in a yellow curry mustard stir fry that I made!  Here’s the recipe…

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green curry with pulled chicken and veggies…

14 Apr

On a cold, rainy, dismal grey day, nothing beats a spicy warm green curry with rice!  I put lots of hearty vegetables like large carrots, eggplants and potatos into this dish to make it really stick to your bones!  There are tons of variations that you can make but this is the recipe I made for tonight!

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back up vegetarians! it’s steak time…

9 Apr

Since when was it taboo to eat red meat?  Le sigh…I don’t care, I want a hunk of meat!  Delicious juicy big hunks of meat.  Surprisingly, steak isn’t so expensive to make it at home if you buy it on sale.  I always inevitably end up making a few veggie sides with it to compensate.  Here’s my spice rub for yum-tacular steaks!

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