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March 5th – East Van Bazaar!

29 Feb

Another year, another craft market!  Come see me at East Van Bazaar on Saturday March 5th between 12-6pm!

Besides the ‘ol preserves and hand crafted greeting cards, I am introducing a new line of feather accessories to float in those trusses of yours!  Each pair of earrings or hairpiece is unique from the rest and features an array of natural feathers.  They’re pretty cool and stylish!

Come say hello!

East Van Bazaar
1739 Venables St
Saturday March 5th – 12-6pm


my new favourite jam….tayberry

27 Sep

tayberry jam urbanpocketknife

I had no idea what a tayberry was until this summer.  We went to Bissett Farms (aka Westham Island Winery) to pick some strawberries and found these lovely berries to pick as well.  Tayberries are a cross between loganberries (think of the red juice from Ikea) and blackberries.  They’re a dark red-purple when they’re ripe, a little bit tart and a floral finish.

The bushes were a little sparse so I only managed to pick enough for one batch of jam.  I wish I had picked more!  It is probably one of the best jams in my pantry right now!

tayberry jam urbanpocketknife

Because they were so ripe, they made a really nice intense coloured jam.

tayberry jam urbanpocketknife

The seeds are less hard then a raspberry so I didn’t end up straining any of them out, they don’t tend to get wedged in your teeth like raspberry seeds.

tayberry jam urbanpocketknife

Spread on a bagel with some cream cheese….man that’s a good jam!

I used Pomona’s Universal Pectin so that I could use less sugar.  The basic recipe is 4 cups of mashed fruit, the recommended amount of pectin on the package and 1 cup of sugar and 1/4 cup of lemon juice.  It makes about 5-6 250ml jars and isn’t too sweet, besides, the fruit picked ripe is sweet enough!