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garlic scape pesto round 2…

20 Jul

Last year I made a single jar of garlic scape pesto and have been regretting it for an entire year that I didn’t make more!  This year I decided to make a small batch so we could have garlic scape all year round!

The general rule to pesto in my opinion is that you need something garlicky, some sort of nut or seed, olive oil and some kind of cheese.   Last year I used cashews, basil and parmesan.  This year I used sunflower seeds, red basil and blue cheese.  It’s totally up to you.

I didn’t grind it quite so fine this time as I left some of the pesto plain (no cheese or seeds) so that I could blend up a smoother batch with flavourings that I happen to have on hand at the time.  One goes in the fridge, the rest goes in the freezer.

Great for pasta (duh!) but also amazing as a marinade or tossed in some leafy steamed veggies.  So good.  Get your garlic scapes NOW!  The season is uber short!

Click on the link for last year’s recipe…feel free to substitute to your taste!

Garlic Scape Pesto

A half filled sink of scapes makes six jars of chunky texture!

Chop up your scapes first before you put them in your blender so it doesn’t have a heart attack


what do you do with garlic scapes?

12 Jul

garlic scapes urbanpocketknife

First of all, what is a garlic scape?  A garlic scape is a long stalk that grows out of the center of the garlic plant.  At the top of this stalk is a bulb that would eventually grow into a flower.  Like all other plants, once it starts flowering, most of the energy of the plant goes towards the plant for reproduction purposes.

Farmers and gardeners cut off this garlic scape when it is still curly, young and tender enough to eat.  The reason?  Cutting of the bulb allows more of the energy to grow the garlic bulb in the ground…thus bigger garlic!

But the great thing is that garlic scapes are delicious!  The season is quite short, about 2-3 weeks in the spring so get ’em while they’re around at your local farmer’s market!  Klipper’s will have them for a couple of weeks at the Vancouver Farmer’s Market.  $5 for 5 bunches!

Garlic scapes are quite pungent when raw and has the same kick as raw garlic cloves.  When it cooked, it mellows out but still retains an awesome garlic flavour with a hint of green onion.  Cooked up it resembles asparagus in texture.

Here are 12 things you can do with garlic scapes:

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garlic scape pesto….

9 Aug

Passing through Squamish one climbing afternoon, we came to a farmer’s market (I adore farmer’s markets) and saw these green curly veggies that I was immediately drawn to.  I guess I like buying vegetables that are “pretty” and this garlic scape reminded me of the head of Medusa.  I gave it a whiff and smelled just like green onions but milder.  A lady had sauteed them with some apple cider vinegar and the texture was almost like asparagus.  In any case, I bought a big bunch for $2.50 not knowing what I was going to do with them.

After searching on the nerdnet for a while, I discovered that this is basically the top of a garlic bulb.  They grow curly at first when the plant is young and tender and straighten out when it grows older and stronger.  Lots of people had fabulous ideas for pesto so I decided to make that!  The cooked version always looked a little brown so super green pesto was in order!

Read on for the recipe!

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