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asian silk fabric nail art…

29 Dec

asian silk nail art urbanpocketknife

I didn’t really mean to make this look asian-y but it does remind me of asian silk fabric that has flowers embroidered on it.  The tiny flowers are fimo canes thinly sliced and adhered with clear polish.

asian silk nail art urbanpocketknife

Other hand is the opposite colour way, I think it turned out quite well!


lime and rose nail art!

19 Jul

nail art limes urbanpocketknife

Limey lime lime lime.  I bought my first slices of fimo decorations for my nails at the Richmond Summer Night Market!  Cute little lime guys that I just stuck on with clear nail polish.  Made the other nails a little different too and I really liked this fresh summery manicure!

nail art roses urbanpocketknife

This reminded me of old 1980’s floral curtains in the country.  I don’t usually do the whole floral thing but this one wasn’t too girlie 🙂