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chocolate peanut butter whoopie pies…

13 Jun

chocolate peanut butter whoopie pie urbanpocketknife

You say whoopie pies and half the people have no idea what you’re talking about, I prefer to call them dessert burgers because really you can make them that big and they’ll be scarfed down like no tomorrow.  I’m assuming that these desserts are a pretty old timey baked good judging by the name but there’s nothing like sinking your teeth into the cakey buns, getting a burst of sweet from the filling with an aftertaste of salt (because we all know that’s what makes chocolate and peanut butter so good!).

Fairly easy to make, you just need a bit of patience as there is a cooling period…nobody wants runny whoopie pies…nobody.

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who you callin’ a fool?

28 Jul

strawberry fool urbanpocketknife

In high school I used to buy strawberries and whipped cream in a plastic cup for breakfast.  I also used to eat oreo cookie ice cream sandwiches for breakfast too, let’s not talk about that.

There’s something magical when you combine strawberries and cream together.  After picking 60lb of strawberries at a local farm, I’ve tried to find new ways to use them….ok….so this isn’t genius but it sure is tasty!

A fool is a British dessert made up of pureed fruit and whipped cream, sounds easy enough right?  Well it is.  To make it low carb just use a sugar substitute like erythritol.  I just mashed up some ripe berries, I didn’t even bother pureeing it and layered it with some whip.

Top it off with some mint from the garden and you have a yummy summer treat!

strawberry fool urbanpocketknife

tropical yogurt parfait….

21 Jul

yogurt parfait urbanpocketknife

Sometimes our sweet tooth can get the better of us so finding late night sweet snacks has become a challenge for me!  I flavoured up some plain yogurt with a little vanilla, erythritol and layered it with some fruits.  Turns out….it was quite a treat!

This is what I had in this one:
peeled and pitted fresh lychee
mango chunks
pink grapefruit
toasted almonds


yogurt parfait urbanpocketknife

chocolate ricotta mousse dessert…

6 Apr

chocolate ricotta urbanpocketknife

The simplest and most gratifying dessert I could muster up has arrived!  I have a terrible sweet tooth and probably a carb tooth too so finding dessert that is healthy is mega hard for me.  But alas, I found a great alternative!  It’s a ricotta mousse flavoured with chocolate, peanut butter and a touch of erythritol.  Just enough sweetness and packed full of protein, this can be whipped up in just a matter of minutes.  It’s so gratifying in fact, you barely need more than 1/2 cup to feel satisfied!

It’s reminiscent of a lighter cheesecake in cup form….here’s the recipe!

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Surprise no flour chocolate cake!

25 Mar

One of my climbing friend’s was telling me how she once ate a brownie made out black beans that was really good.  I naturally didn’t really believe her but went home to research some beany desserts.  Turns out there are a ton of recipes that call for beans in gluten-free baking for moist, rich and healthy cakes.

I have to say, this is probably my best gluten-free recipe to date.  The chocolate cake is super moist, looks like cake made out of wheat, has tons of fibre, protein and no sugar….seriously….I’ve never tasted something so rich and sweet that was so healthy!

I used some friends as guinea pigs and not one of them suspected a thing, no one tasted the beans and the great thing is that a small slice is extra filling!

Try it yourself, you won’t be disappointed!  Here’s the recipe…

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pot de creme with fancy-ish toppings!

10 Mar

pot de creme urbanpocketknife

I was looking for a low carb pudding recipe and found out that there was always one thing missing from my pantry to make it.  I stumbled upon a pot de creme recipe that I thought would be perfect to convert into a low carb, low cal version!

Simple as can be, pot de creme is basically a chocolate custard that is cooked in a bain marie just like creme brulees.  With a few substitutions like super dark chocolate (this is something that I’ve learned to appreciate since I was a milk chocolate love before!), and erythritol/stevia instead of sugar, I think it came out pretty darn good.

Coupled with the lime curd I made earlier in the week, this dessert was sublime!  Here’s the recipe…

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no fat, no calorie smores and ice cream! amigurumi sweet treats…

7 Mar

smore amigurumi urbanpocketknife

Who doesn’t like smores around a campfire?  This little guy won’t melt and get all gooey but he is 100% fat free!

soft serve ice cream amigurumi urbanpocketknife

On a hot summery day, snuggle up to a soft ice cream cone with a friendly face!