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organic apple chips

3 Jan

organic apple chips urbanpocketknife

Since apple are practically the only fruit you can get now that is local, we stock up on them at this time until we’re blue in the face!  Dried apples that are leathery are just plain gross, I hate it when you get them in dried trail mixes.  The only way to go is to slice ’em up and put them in the dehydrator until there is absolutely no moisture left…no spongy apple nuggets here!

You can choose any apple your heart desires, tart ones make a nice tangy chip and sweet ones make it taste like candy!

Some people dose the sliced apples with lemon juice to preserve the colour and avoid oxidation, I don’t really mind that they turn slightly yellow so I don’t bother.  Fun fact!  Ambrosias oxidize the least out of all apple varieties so they’re perfect for apple chipping AND salads.

Cut the apples to about 1/8-1/4 inch, lay em on the trays and dry!  This is one of our fav snacks in the winter!

organic apple chips urbanpocketknife


organic walla walla onion powder…

19 Dec

walla walla onion powder urbanpocketknife

Making your own spices is somehow super gratifying, earlier this summer I made garlic scape powder and I regret not making more!  It’s relatively simple, it just takes a long time to dehydrate the veggies first.

At the end of the Walla Wall sweet onion season, I got some seconds to take home and dehydrate.  Have you ever tried to cut 8 jumbo onions?  I did, and I cried.  Open windows, spoon in my mouth and candle burning, all those things are a crock, the only thing that would’ve saved me was onion goggles.

First you gotta dry all the onions.  I sliced them fairly thin and laid them out on two dehydrators…outside.  Because really, no one wants their house smelling like onions for weeks.

walla walla onion powder urbanpocketknife

Onions have a lot of water in them so it took a couple of days and what you get back is not much!

walla walla onion powder urbanpocketknife

I threw them in the coffee grinder and pulsed it until it was powdery.

walla walla onion powder urbanpocketknife

If I was really particular, I would’ve sifted what came out of the grinder but who are we kidding?  I’m rustic as hell.  Powder goes in one of the million mason jars I have lying around, labeled, dated and now I have 250ml of organic onion powder to use.  I think I’ll have to do at least another batch so we have enough for the year!  Maybe a red onion powder, that could be cooOooOoOOool.

crispy fat-free multi-coloured beet chips!

17 Nov

beet chips urbanpocketknife

Leave a whole bag of potato chips with me and I’ll devour the whole damn thing, same goes with my other half.  Finding an alternative wasn’t crazy hard since we have a surplus of beets from the market.

Making them in the oven proved to be only semi-successful.  Beets burn really fast so it’s quite tedious checking them every so often and I always had to them in batches since I can only fit two cookie trays in at a time.

Behold!  Dehydrators to the rescue.  Oh yes, that’s plural.  Side by side my friend’s kick ass dehydrator with temperature control and circulating fan beside my ghetto Ronco buy-it-on tv version.

Here goes the dehydrating madness that has become my house.  Select some beets that will fit in your mandoline.  I like red beets that are swirled with white stripes and golden beets.  Mostly because they are way less messy and doesn’t turn my kitchen into a blood bath.

beet chips urbanpocketknife

Slice ’em thin, I wouldn’t go too papery thin because they’ll shrivel up like the dickens and you’ll be sad that your chips are the size of nothing.  Don’t be a sucker like me and be super careful with the mandoline, I ended up slicing the heel of my palm and it was not pretty.

beet chips urbanpocketknife

Layer them on your trays, I cheated and overlapped them a bit.  Sprinkle some flavourings, I used plain old sea salt but you can add whatever your heart desires.

beet chips urbanpocketknife

Dehydrate at 135 F for as long as it takes to make them crispy…it’ll take at least a day or if you’re a Ronco dehydrator….forever and a day.  Do not cry as to how much beet you have lost.

beet chips urbanpocketknife

Once done throw these bad boys into a sealed container so they don’t suck up moisture from the air.  Enjoy your air dried beet chips!

drying hot peppers for winter…

3 Nov

drying hot peppers urbanpocketknife

I like a little spice here and there although I’m not crazy for ultra spicy foods that burn off my tastebuds.  I got a nice sized bounty of hot peppers at the end of the season and decided to dry ’em out so that I could use them later in the winter.

I never realized how gratifying it is to use spices that you’ve made yourself, sure it takes a ton of time in the dehydrator plus all the grinding that has to be done, but it seems kinda awesome that you’ve done it all.

I had an assortment of hotties including jalepenos, chilis, cayenne, habenaros, serranos and pablano peppers.  I layered them in my dehydrator whole with the smaller ones at the bottom and then rising to the large ones.

Leaving them whole makes for a nice display and the only ones I cut were the cayennes or else they would be too long to fit in my jars.  I dried them until they were crisp and not at all soft, drying took between 24 hours to 3 days depending on the size.

I can’t wait to grind them up into powders and for now, they sit pretty on my pantry shelf.

drying hot peppers urbanpocketknife