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chocolate pavlova with chocolate cream and strawberries…

19 Jan

Birthdays are a great excuse to make something decadent for dessert, so even if it is a boy’s birthday,  I decided to make what I made for my family years ago, chocolate pavlova!

Pavlova is basically a meringue that you bake ultra slow on low heat and top off with an assortment of fatty fat goodness.  Here’s the recipe with chocolate cream, whipped cream and strawberries!

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double trouble spicy sweet pototo casserole thingy…

7 Apr

I love multi-coloured veggie dishes and when I saw purple yams at the grocery store, I quickly picked some up knowing I had an orange one in my fridge.  I love the sweetness of yams but sometimes I don’t like it when recipes call for even more sugar!  This recipe I made is slightly salty, slightly spicy and turned out pretty tasty.

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