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coq au vin in my new dutch oven!

8 Apr

coq au vin urbanpocketknife

Sometimes the most exciting things is getting a wicked kitchen accessory.  Canadian Tire had a red Kitchen Aid cast-iron enamel coated dutch oven (3.5 quarts) that normally retailed for $99 for a measly $30.  I had to have it.

Cast iron is awesome, it heats evenly, retains heat (for serving later) and lasts a lifetime.  My first attempt at cooking in this lovely dutch oven had to be something a little special…coq au vin, here we come!

This one pot wonder is not only easy but it’s super tasty and easily passable as a fancy dish.  It’s basically stewed chicken that has been browned in bacon fat (insert drool here) with some tasty veggies in a wine sauce.  You can’t go wrong.

Here’s my recipe…you could use a regular ‘ol stock pot to make it but seriously, cook and serve in the same pot?  Yes please!

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