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drying hot peppers for winter…

3 Nov

drying hot peppers urbanpocketknife

I like a little spice here and there although I’m not crazy for ultra spicy foods that burn off my tastebuds.  I got a nice sized bounty of hot peppers at the end of the season and decided to dry ’em out so that I could use them later in the winter.

I never realized how gratifying it is to use spices that you’ve made yourself, sure it takes a ton of time in the dehydrator plus all the grinding that has to be done, but it seems kinda awesome that you’ve done it all.

I had an assortment of hotties including jalepenos, chilis, cayenne, habenaros, serranos and pablano peppers.  I layered them in my dehydrator whole with the smaller ones at the bottom and then rising to the large ones.

Leaving them whole makes for a nice display and the only ones I cut were the cayennes or else they would be too long to fit in my jars.  I dried them until they were crisp and not at all soft, drying took between 24 hours to 3 days depending on the size.

I can’t wait to grind them up into powders and for now, they sit pretty on my pantry shelf.

drying hot peppers urbanpocketknife


can you stomach it? chili soy chicken feet…

10 May

A famous delicacy at Dim Sum restaurants across North America, chicken feet are pretty popular in Asian culinary delights!  People can get pretty queasy about putting these digits in their mouth and the texture doesn’t exactly help those that are squeamish.  Because of all the cartilage content, it is important to cook them for a while and the added bonus is that their great for your joints!

If you are bold and adventurous….have a go at the recipe below!

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