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faux stuffed eggplant…

12 Oct

faux stuffed eggplant urbanpocketknife

Sometimes faux stuffed things are better than the real thing because a) it’s faster and b) you can be messy about it and looks just about the same 🙂  This hearty dish turned out great with savory lamb with tons of fresh peppers and tomatoes.

Here’s the recipe!

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fake-out ratatouille…

16 Aug

Ratatouille…a french stewed vegetable dish or an adorable rat?  Only you can decide.  The traditional way of making this dish is to cook each vegetable separately..even Julia Child makes it this way.  So many pans…F*&%@ that.  We have a few french friends that have made it this way and it’s ultra delicious but I decided to take a short cut and put them all in the same casserole dish while maintaining the authentic flavours this dish calls for.

I can officially declare that this dish was made with 100% certified organic veggies!  I started volunteering for an organic farm called Klippers and their produce makes me so happy.

Here’s how to make your own Ratatouille!

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roasted eggplant sorta like lasagna casserole thing…

13 May

The Public Market on Granville Island had a special on eggplants and before I knew it, I had five at the checkout counter.  What the hell am I going to do with all these eggplants?!?!?  A large casserole thing seemed appropriate since I was going to be busy later in the afternoon, so I prepared it ahead of time so I could just throw it in the oven when I got back.  It’s kind of like lasagna (a lot of the same ingredients) with the exception of having layers of roasted eggplant throughout!

Here’s the recipe!

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double trouble spicy sweet pototo casserole thingy…

7 Apr

I love multi-coloured veggie dishes and when I saw purple yams at the grocery store, I quickly picked some up knowing I had an orange one in my fridge.  I love the sweetness of yams but sometimes I don’t like it when recipes call for even more sugar!  This recipe I made is slightly salty, slightly spicy and turned out pretty tasty.

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layered zucchini parmesan madness!

5 Apr

Sometimes I’m lazy and don’t want to stand over the stove tending dinner so baking or roasting dishes are awesome so I can go do something else while the food is cooking.  Zucchini cooks surprisingly fast in the oven so I made a layered casserole dish one night to accompany some chicken.  Nothing in this recipe was really measured and the seasoning is just sprinkled on to your own preference.

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