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hearty spicy and sweet lamb stew…

19 Nov

lamb stew urbanpocketknife

Okie dokie, the toques, giant scarves and mittens are out!  The weather is getting nippy which always means the slow cooking starts happening in my kitchen.  There’s no steadfast rules for a good stew, you scrounge your fridge for some veggies, get a nice slab of meat and add some tasty liquid.

If I’m home with time on my hands, it goes in the dutch oven, if I’m out, it’s in the crockpot.  This particular stew is slightly sweet from the veggies, has lots of tender meat, garlicky and a touch spicy.  Share it with friends, eat it with a hunk of sourdough bread and freeze the leftovers for future meals.

Here’s the recipe!

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crispy sweet and savoury mongolian beef…

24 Jun

mongolian beef theurbanpocketknife

I don’t make a lot of stir-frys, for some reason I get the impression that they’re kinda boring.  Nothing is ever cooked right, the veggies are too hard, the sauce is too goopy…I know it’s easy and fast but I get bored of it.  I do love crispy meatie things though and one night I decided to make something asiany as I am on a bit of a kick lately.  Turns out this is super easy but it does taste the best fresh.  Sweet and savoury with crispy beef and veggies that are cooked all the way through!

Here’s the recipe!

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pickle lovers rejoice…

8 Dec

klipper's dill pickles

I’m not crazy about pickles like Snooki from Jersey Shore but Klipper‘s organic dill pickles are to die for.  I really have to resist eating the whole jar in one sitting.

It’s really the perfect pickle.  Small and super crisp with a nice vinegary bite that isn’t too sour.  The garlic permeates the vinegar and adds an extra punch that is simply delicious.

This jar came with two carrots that were just as tasty.  Super carroty in flavour with the same vinegary briny taste.  I’m not sure if the organic veggies is what makes the difference or that Annamarie just has a really good technique and recipe.  Whatever it is, we’re going to have to have this as a staple in our fridge!

baked salmon and veg…

13 Sep

A one dish wonder!  Cut up some veggies that you have on hand and lay some delicious pieces of salmon on top.  Bake in the oven and if you have a delicious dinner and leftovers can be made into yummy sandwiches!  Super easy to do and full of vitamins and minerals!

Here’s the recipe…

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Me Mama’s Oxtail Soup Or As She Calls It…..Borscht?

18 Jun

As kids we loved this soup to death.  Slightly sweet from all the carrots, the broth always turned out be a golden orange-y colour.  We’d gnaw on the oxtail bones like rabid dogs and never bored of this soup my mom for some reason called borscht.  It wasn’t until my twenties when I realized my mom’s borscht was strangely without beets and not a borscht at all.  But the name has stuck and so in our family, that is what we’re going to call it until our dying days.  This soup is deadly simple to make and the longer you simmer it, the better it tastes!

Here’s the recipe!

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