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dutch oven red wine savoury beef short ribs…

9 Nov

This by far is my ultimate dish (perhaps it may even be my signature) that is crowd pleasing, uses my preserving efforts and is oh so easy!  I start off by cutting 4-5lb of organic beef short ribs into individual ribs.  Sear them in my dutch oven with a little bit of olive oil in batches.

Then here’s the kicker…I only add 3 more ingredients to it!  Ribs all go back in the pot, I add one 500ml jar of lamb stock that I froze earlier in the year, 500ml of pinot noir that I made earlier in the summer at one of those make-your-own wine places and simmer the dickens out of it.

The lid stays on for most of the cooking time, I don’t really time it at all but I would guess I braise them for 3-4 hours stirring it once in a while.

Once the shortribs are fall off the bone amazing, I take them out and pull out all the bones.  I let the liquid simmer down until it reaches a nice thick consistency.  Then for the 3rd ingredient!  I add 250ml of BBQ sauce I made out of heirloom tomatoes and had canned in the summer.

Done.  Shortribs go back in for a quick coating of the sauce and voila….something that seems complicated that ends up being the easiest thing to cook.  Using three ingredients that I had prepared earlier and stored is too simple to pass up.



melt in your mouth beef cheek…

18 Jul

Once upon a time I had the pleasure of tasting beef cheeks at Black Hoof in Toronto.  I’m not sure why people get confused at what part of the cow it is from as the name is pretty obvious…it’s the cheeks of the cow…not the butt but the cheeks on the face.

You would think that it would be very tough considering cow’s spend a lot of time chewing grass but braised for long hours, this cut of meat turns super tender and buttery…quite delicious in fact!

It’s not always easy to find beef cheeks, you’ll probably have to special order it from a good butcher shop.  I ended up asking the organic meat farm I order from and they were more than happy to send it my way on my next order.

Served on a bed of mashed parsnips, a dollop of bacon jam from Skillet and finished with a red wine reduction sauce, no one was squeamish while eating this meal!

Here’s the recipe!

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