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hearty spicy and sweet lamb stew…

19 Nov

lamb stew urbanpocketknife

Okie dokie, the toques, giant scarves and mittens are out!  The weather is getting nippy which always means the slow cooking starts happening in my kitchen.  There’s no steadfast rules for a good stew, you scrounge your fridge for some veggies, get a nice slab of meat and add some tasty liquid.

If I’m home with time on my hands, it goes in the dutch oven, if I’m out, it’s in the crockpot.  This particular stew is slightly sweet from the veggies, has lots of tender meat, garlicky and a touch spicy.  Share it with friends, eat it with a hunk of sourdough bread and freeze the leftovers for future meals.

Here’s the recipe!

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magenta beet salad to match my hair….

29 Jul

It’s not very often that I eat magenta and when I do it’s probably not healthy.  It’s also rare that I eat something that is the same colour as my hair (black and magenta) so I was especially please when my beat salad turned out to be such a lovely colour!  Although some special efforts had to be taken to avoid a bloody looking mess in the kitchen, it does make for a pretty dish although if I had to choose, I’d probably choose the golden beet variety more in the future.

Here’s a tasty coloured recipe!

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The 3 Gs – golden beet, goat cheese, garden herbs salad!

25 Jun

I saw golden beets for the first time when my friend ordered a salad at Refuel and when I saw them at the Public Market I bought two big ones to try at home.  I never really liked beets before, the taste always reminded me too much of dirt.  But coupled with the right things, beets can be a tasty vegetable!  The only thing I discovered is that cooking beets is easy but very time consuming!

Here’s the recipe for the beet salad I made with goat cheese, a shallot dressing and fresh herbs!

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