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soboro donburi…

21 Mar


In other words, a simple mince meat rice dish that warms your belly after a cold day in the mountains!  This surprisingly whips up pretty quick and makes a great leftover lunch for the next day.


Here’s the recipe for the topping!

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crispy sweet and savoury mongolian beef…

24 Jun

mongolian beef theurbanpocketknife

I don’t make a lot of stir-frys, for some reason I get the impression that they’re kinda boring.  Nothing is ever cooked right, the veggies are too hard, the sauce is too goopy…I know it’s easy and fast but I get bored of it.  I do love crispy meatie things though and one night I decided to make something asiany as I am on a bit of a kick lately.  Turns out this is super easy but it does taste the best fresh.  Sweet and savoury with crispy beef and veggies that are cooked all the way through!

Here’s the recipe!

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asian silk fabric nail art…

29 Dec

asian silk nail art urbanpocketknife

I didn’t really mean to make this look asian-y but it does remind me of asian silk fabric that has flowers embroidered on it.  The tiny flowers are fimo canes thinly sliced and adhered with clear polish.

asian silk nail art urbanpocketknife

Other hand is the opposite colour way, I think it turned out quite well!

asian sweet melon tapioca dessert…

15 Oct

This is something my grammie made me when I was little and was one of the only chinese desserts that I loved!  When I was a teenager I asked her how to make it and was it every simple!  Such a cool and refreshing dessert, it is served cold and every bite has the sweetness of melon with the creaminess of the evaporated milk.

Although she usually made it with honeydew, you can use whatever melon is in season (with the exception of watermelon, I have never tried it with that yet!)

This recipe is made with Klipper’s outrageously amazing Maverick musk melon.

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cast iron japanese teapot….

28 Sep

So I’m on my third teapot, why you ask?  Because none of them were ever good enough…until now.  The previous ceramic teapots leaked from the spout and no amount of doodads would correct the spilling…so aggravating.

This little gem I found on Granville Island for a mere $55, most stores sell these guys for just under a hundred.  The pot is made out of cast-iron so it is heavy but also keeps the tea nice and hot for a lot longer than the ceramic ones.

I chose a matte red dimpled pot that just looks so darn pretty all on it’s own!  The cast-iron is coated with enamel but it is recommended that you never let water sit it there for too long and make sure you let it dry out completely before putting the lid back on.  It came with a little mesh tea strainer inside for loose leaf teas.

The spout pours perfectly without a single drip.

Although you can put the cast iron pot right on the stove, I choose not to mare the bottom.  Instead, fill the pot with the boiling water and let sit for 5min.  Dump the water out and then pour fresh boiled water in to steep your tea of choice.  This apparently warms the cast iron first and will keep your tea warm longer.

Remember…delicate teas like green tea and white teas should be made with 80-90 degree water to prevent bitterness!

mmmm chinese meatloaf….fried rice!

18 Aug

Hooray for leftovers!  My mom used to make the most fabulous fried rice out of anything we couldn’t finish the night before.  Even though I didn’t have the classic roasted pork, I did have some tidbits here and there that I could use.  A few ingredients and voila!  A load of rice for lunches and snacks.

Here’s the recipe but feel free to add anything you like!

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asian desserts are so weirdly good….frappes at Aberdeen

3 Jun

lychee frappe (shaved ice), red bean, mango, matcha ice cream and condensed milk! sugar attack yum!

Ahhh nothing beats the food court in Aberdeen Centre, food is super cheap, plentiful and the variety is amazing!  Vlad and I made it our mission to eat as many sweet desserts as we could.  I introduced him to the amazing crepe place and we also decided to a try a placed called Frappe Bliss.

I’ve had chinese shaved ice desserts before.  Usually it’s a base of shaved ice with toppings such as fresh fruit, sweet beans and ice cream.  This place put a little spin on theirs, their ice was flavoured!

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