Sunrise Market…groceries on the mega cheap….

4 Dec

sunrise market theurbanpocketknife

Look at it…just look at it!  Winter has at last come and thus comes the end of volunteering at farmer’s markets for me.  Like every other chump, I now have to slug it to grocery stores to get my produce.  I’m not a die hard for any chain in particular but I always manage to forget about Sunrise Market for their dead cheap groceries.

Although I’m a huge fan of organic and local produce, I occasionally make an exception in the winter when I see a mega good deal.  This whole lot cost me less than $45…I must admit, I indulged a bit and bought some things that weren’t necessary but the produce was so affordable I couldn’t resist!

sunrise market theurbanpocketknife

The Veg.

Tomatos $0.29/lb, Avocado $0.79, Onion $0.49/lb, Cabbage $1.00, Leeks $1.49, Celery $1.49, Potatoes $0.49/lb, Carrot $0.39/lb, Chayote Squash $0.49/lb.

Crazy right?  I’m not going to lie, this asian supermarket requires you to dig…sometimes the produce isn’t as top notch as you hope but the variety is so massive that you’re bound to find everything you need.  There’s always ONE crazy deal on produce, for instance those tomatoes were $0.29/lb but you could buy an entire flat for $2.00, sometimes they are just trying to clear out something they have too much of.  I would’ve purchased it had I not already canned a bunch of tomato sauce.

sunrise market theurbanpocketknife

The Fruit.

Grapefruit 7 for $2.00, Asian Pear 3 for $1.00, Sugar Cane $1.00

I could’ve bought more considering how little I actually spent.  They had a pile of sugar cane in the corner and I couldn’t help but get one.  Let me tell you, walking around in the cramped aisles with a giant basket and a sugar cane was not easy.  As with most Chinatown grocery stores, you won’t find shiny new tiles and amazing lighting, the displays are mega crowded and the staff is well, gruff…which I kinda like.  Everyone that works there is mega efficient with a no muss, no fuss attitude.  No one really speaks English but try and be helpful as much as they can.

sunrise market theurbanpocketknife

The Other Stuff.

Matcha Pocky $1.09, Dried Squid $2.29, Pork Belly $4.50/lb, Red Bean $1.49, Krema Yogurt $4.50, Coconut Cream $1.49, Ponzu Sauce $2.60, Seasame Oil $2.09, Char Siu Sauce $3.30

Clearly the more non-essential pile but the sauces were really a bargain compared to T&T.  The demographic of the customers in the shop is so eclectic, it makes me feel like I’m on Spadina Ave again in Toronto.  They even sell dairy like Avalon!

The one oddity in the store is that they have an “expired” section where everything is practically free, I’ve never delved into that realm but I’m sure on a pinch, most of those items would be fine.

If you’re not too picky, they make up $1.00 bag of fruit and veg that are not perfect, read = going bad.  If you’ve got some time to cut out the bruises and nicks, you could be saving tons of money.

It’s no Wholefoods, they are not into marketing, it’s jam packed, it’s not the cleanest and the staff is not the most friendly but damn…it’s so cheap.


One Response to “Sunrise Market…groceries on the mega cheap….”

  1. viiixvi December 6, 2014 at 7:15 am #

    Wow, that is amazing. The Sunrise Mart in NYC is so much more expensive. But they are fresher produce and vegetables.

    For the expired section, I think depending on the product, I wouldn’t mind getting a past expiration date product.

    Aaaand after hitting your yelp link, it’s a totally different chain.

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