lizardy-like mega long mittens…

1 Oct

twilight mitten urbanpocketknife

Le cat in mid-yawn looking like he hates the mitten.  I’m not sure why I made these…kinda like most things I knit.  I just came across this pattern Phenomenon on Ravlery.  I thought the cables were really interesting and linked in a different way.  I later learned that the pattern is inspired by the mittens Bella wore in Twilight…erm…less cool but knitters out there continue to amaze me as they can create a pattern out of something they just see in a movie!

I had some Briggs yarn sitting around, which fun fact…is the oldest wooden woolen mill in Canada.  This stuff is rough, like what those mega big cool hipster sweaters are like with all the animals fair isled into them.  It was really the perfect choice though because it made the cable curves pop out really nice from the rigidity of the yarn.  It also makes them more heavy duty so I’m not afraid to wipe the snow from my car with them…not like that princessy merino…pffff.

twilight mitten urbanpocketknife

A catless shot of the mitt, the pattern is really gorgeous and the emerald green tweed yarn makes it look almost lizardy or dragony no?






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