crayon scratch hat, neck cozy and pompom…

3 Sep

crayon scratch hat theurbanpocketknife

In general, I don’t really like knit patterns made for men, they’re kinda boring to knit and the colours chosen are usually equally boring.  A friend of mine requested a hat after visiting a yarn store together in the Okanagan, he choose the luxurious merino wool by Malabrigo in Rasta.  What’s even more awesome is he chose a colour scheme that was really rad, mostly black with flecks of rainbow colour in it, totally reminds me of my childhood crayon scratch art.

crayon scratch hat theurbanpocketknife

I used the pattern Kilimanjaro just as guide to sizing for men, kept it at stockinette and didn’t start decreasing until I felt it had the right slouch.  Stockinette shows off flecks of colour beautifully as it creates individual Vs that contrast the main colour of the yarn, you don’g get the same affect with garter.

crayon scratch neck cozy theurbanpocketknife

This kerchief cowl pattern I teach in my classes because it uses just garter and couldn’t be easier.  It has a cool bandana feel with the point at the bottom and the fold over triangle on the top.  He wasn’t too sure about it at first but now apparently loves it.

crayon scratch pompom theurbanpocketknife

And lastly because I had some yarn left over, a pompom…for his climbing chalk bag.  Apparently it keeps the chalk from flying all over the place and it feels nice to squeeze your hands around it while climbing.



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