organic rainbow truffle parmesan popcorn…

18 Jun

organic popcorn theurbanpocketknife

Sometimes I get excited over the smallest things, I’m sure I let out a squeal when I saw these gorgeous cobs of popping corn in array of colours….COLOURS!  Klippers Organics once again blows my mind with what they can grow and this is ultra special, organic, non-GMO, popping corn.  I’ve had them sitting around to just look at but recently I went to a bar with a couple of friends and had some truffle parmesan popcorn…yum!  So naturally, I went home and made it.

organic popcorn theurbanpocketknife

Just look at these cobs, I find it so interesting that there is such variety in colour in a single cob.

organic popcorn theurbanpocketknife

I didn’t happen to grab any, but they also grow one that is a beautiful lilac colour.

On to the seasoning, these kernels pop just like any other, you can do it in an air popper, microwave or stovetop, do what you normally do with other types of popping corn.  Take a couple of teaspoons of butter and melt (I just nuke it), add a couple of teaspoons of good quality truffle oil.  Toss it all in the popcorn.  Take very finely ground parmesan (blitz it in a food processor if it’s not fine) and toss it in the popcorn.  You want the cheese to be fine so it sticks to the oil/butter mixture.

organic popcorn theurbanpocketknife

It’s not rocket science so just adjust the seasoning amount to your liking!  Fun fact, I thought I had BURNED my popcorn but it turns out that I’m just an idiot and when I saw dark specks on the fluffy white popcorn I thought I had scotched it.  Duh, it was blue popcorn.


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