coconut red bean dessert…

11 Jun

coconut red bean the urbanpocketknife

In general I don’t think Chinese desserts are all that great, they can make some lovely fresh cream shortcakes but really that’s all about it, everything is pretty mediocre and I would definitely make a beeline to the nearest European bakery over a Chinese one.  There is one thing that has always been dear to my heart though, the infamous red bean dessert.  Who ever thought beans would be delicious sweet, it’s pretty odd but growing up on this stuff made me love it even more.  There are a million variations on this dessert but in essence you cook adzuki beans to death, add sugar and make it into dessert soup or thick paste and add it to pastries and other delights.

coconut red bean the urbanpocketknife

I take about 1 cup of adzuki beans and soak them overnight in water, lots of water because those suckers do expand.  The next day, I rinse them off and put them in a pot covering them with about 2″ of water above the actual beans.  Set the stove on high and let it come to a boil and then reduce to a simmer.  It takes about an hour for it to become soft, nudge the beans a bit here and there and keep topping up the water if it evaporates too much.

After you’e achieved the doneless (smush it and see if it breaks apart easily) add about 3/4 cup of sugar and mix well.  Let it continue to cook at a simmer and let the water evaporate this time, the length depends on how mushy or dry you want your paste to be, personally I like it to be a 50/50 of mushed and whole beans.

You can choose to sweeten your coconut milk or not but the whole shabang does taste better cold.  Add just a little bit of coconut water for a spoonable dessert, or add a bunch to make it into a classic red bean coconut drink.

coconut red bean the urbanpocketknife


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