gehry inspired giant cable hat…

11 Feb

gehry knitted hat the urbanpocketknife

I remember back in the day when I begged and begged my mom to crochet me a flowery off-white cardigan that was so popular in the 80s.  Thinking back, I totally didn’t understand the amount of work it took her to make it until now that I am obsessed with anything to do with yarn, it’s like I’ve turned into a cat.  Come to think of it, I can’t even remember if was my sister or me that begged for it….I digress.

For my mom’s birthday one year, I decided to pay it forward and knit her an extra cozy hat with some mega soft and fluffy yarn.  My mom is fairly classical in her dress but I couldn’t resist adding a mega giant pompom and a little cherry blossom to the brim.  Both are removable but my spies have told me that she keeps them both on.  I have no idea why larger-than-life pompoms bring me such joy, I think people can’t help but smile when they see one.

gehry knitted hat the urbanpocketknife

The designer said this pattern was inspired by the architecture of Frank Gehry and I have to agree it’s got quite a mysterious look with large gentle waves of cables intertwining.  Her pattern is simple called Gehry on Ravelry.

I have a picture of my mom wearing the hat which makes her look incredible adorable but I won’t post it here because I’m sure she would not appreciate her face splattered on the internet.

Probably one of my favourite hat patterns to date, I’ve knitted myself one and one for a friend as well, all using different weights and adjusting repeats as necessary.


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