stripey accordiany hat for a cuzzie….

3 Feb

wurm hat the urbanpocketknife

Boy cousin wants a hat after he sees the hat I made for girl cousin.  He wanted something “funky” but knowing me, I would take that too literally and make something unwearable, knowing his style, I decided to stay somewhat modest and add some colour pop to spice it up a bit.

Thus enters the Wurm Hat that I’ve had bookmarked in my Ravelry acccount.  I love these kinda patterns, simple design, easily adjustable and customizable and looks a little kick ass.

wurm hat the urbanpocketknife

My cousin kept saying his head was huge so I made the men’s size which is humongous on my head!  I like that the stripes just peak out and depending on how it stretches, it changes how much colour shows.  I made it slouchy so he had options and also so that it’ll fit his fat head.  The brim is done in double knitting for extra warmth which I think is rad.

Mostly 100% wool (Cascade 220 I think) mixed in with some leftover coloured yarn I had in my stash.  I will very likely make one for myself one day.  Not that I don’t already have a bajillion hats.


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