macaron madness….madness!

28 Jan

macaron the urbanpocketknife

I consider myself fairly experienced in the kitchen as a cook and a baker but I don’t think I’ve EVER made as many mistakes on a recipe than on these stupid macarons!  When you get them just right, it’s completely rewarding, beautiful light little adorable meringue sandwich cookies that melt in your mouth.

macaron the urbanpocketknife

Lavender Macarons, first batch, maybe 5 were deemed perfect

I’ve taken a class, watched my professional baker friend and still I managed to make some garbage batches.  I won’t even go into the recipe because I think you just need to find one that works for you.

macaron the urbanpocketknife

The above macarons obviously did not make the cut, they turned into wafer cookies that I will top ice cream at a future date.  Stupid macarons.  This batch was due to a bad batch of egg whites, they didn’t quite whip up right, don’t know if it was temperature, contamination of an oil or because I was just mental at this point.

macaron the urbanpocketknife

Oh hi lumpy macarons, these were favourable to the flatties up above but turned out a little burger-esque.  Surprisingly the texture was amazing, kinda a little chewy and pillowy, not melt-in-your-mouth though.

macaron the urbanpocketknife

Ahhh perfect……..finally.  The same lavender goodness.

macaron the urbanpocketknife

Very sunny lemon macarons that are also perfect…yay!

Tips and Tricks

So for my particular kitchen this is what I learned to make them oh so perfect…(also this is just to help remind myself when I make these again….which I will, because I love the torture)

1.  Let egg whites come to room temperature
2.  Use a spotlessly clean stainless steel bowl for whipping the eggs AND wipe it down with vinegar or lemon juice first
3.  Stiffer peaks are better than softer peaks
4.  Mix batter until almost to the ribbon stage, it’ll get more runny once you man handle the piping bag
5.  Firm taps on counter of cookie trays to let bubbles escape
6.  Let piped macarons dry for at least an hour, should be dry to touch when ready
7.  300 degree oven with wooden spoon jammed in door for venting (helps prevent cracking)
8.  1 tray in the oven at a time
9.  Bake half of a cookie sheet first, 12 min rotating tray once halfway through (helps judge proper timing with weather changes/humidity etc)
10.  Err on the side of overbaked than under.  Overbaked you can let them mature with the buttercream and they will be perfect, underbaked makes them stick to the pan, have air pockets, gooey interiors, a real hot mess.


One Response to “macaron madness….madness!”

  1. Mel March 19, 2015 at 12:19 pm #

    I feel your frustration. The first time I ever made macarons, I think it was pure luck, they came out perfect with feets and no cracks, but the second and third….let’s just say it turned out worst than your wafer cookies.

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