case ‘o bananas, it’s banana butter time…

21 Jan

organic banana butter

Once upon a time there was a box of slightly unperfect organic bananas that a grocery outlet was just GIVING AWAY.  Ok, so really they were giving it away to their staff, but seriously what does one do with a whole case of bananas?

Plan of attack was to cut a bunch for freezing and to make banana butter, whatever the hell that is.

organic banana butter

I gotta say, out of all the fruit I have preserved, bananas are probably one of the easiest for prep.  Look at these babies!  Most of them were unscathed underneath their slightly browned peel.

organic banana butter

So long banana peels, off to the compost heap you go.

organic banana butter

Like any fruit butter, banana butter is just uber cooked down mashed bananas so you end up with a thick crazy concentrated version of the puree.  I added a touch of sugar and a whack of lime juice to brighten up the flavour a bit.  In they all went into my crock pot for a good 12 hours.  It did darken to a slight pinkish colour from oxidation but this stuff is mega pow in your mouth.  The consistency does not allow for canning but I jarred it up and threw it in my freezer.

I gotta say, if you use this in any recipe, it will be EXTRA banana-y, I’ve made a whoopie pie filling and cupcakes with it and the flavour is way more intense then using fresh bananas.

Banana Mission Done.


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