Finch’s Market feels incredibly warm…

4 Apr

The other half delivered organic milk to this new cafe/market called Finch’s Market in Strathcona and immediately came home and told me that I would be in love.  He’s not wrong.  The second location to Finch’s Cafe on Pender in Gastown, this cafe in an unassuming neighbourhood is very quaint with organic goodies, coffee and crazy good sandwiches.

finch's market

As soon as you walk in you see a lovely floor to ceiling wooden shelf filled to the brim with delicious pantry items from pasta to house made granola.  A library styled ladder is attached for presumably easy access to the top shelf and charm.  How I wish I lived somewhere that I could install this wonder, how good would my preserves look on this shelf?!?!

finch's market

It was a lovely sunny day which enhanced all the wood in this little cafe but also made it a million degrees inside even with the door open.  Mismatched tables and chairs, sleek stools at the coffee bar and more pantry items in mason jars line the walls.

finch's market

But most importantly, how is the food?  I ordered a prosciutto sandwich with edam.  Oh and an Aranciata which to me is just the grown up version of Orangina.  Could this be any cuter?  Cucumber water in a mason jar (yes please!) and a beautiful sandwich on a crispy, chewy baguette stuffed to the brim with salty prosciutto, big slices of tomato, frilly lettuce and drizzled with balsamic vinegar.  It artfully came on a large sheet of craft brown paper instead of  plate which for some reason made it seem really darling.

finch's market

That there is what all sandwiches should look and taste like, mondo fresh, great colours and big, because I’m always hungry.  Finch’s Market is not really the type of place that is easy to swing by as I don’t live in that neighbourhood nor is there anything really close by but it does seem like sort of a hidden gem and I am sure to keep it in mind whenever I’m craving a cozy corner and a good sammie.






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