Gu makes guuuud lunch

22 Mar


Guu with garlic doesn’t have a mega huge lunch menu but at least they are open at lunch which some of the other locations are not. With a smattering of selections I decided to go with the grilled white mackerel fish with rice.

I love sitting at the bar when I’m eating solo and especially love watching. the bustle of the chefs. I got a great view of the kitchen and was impressed by all the multi-tasking which included tons of mini cleaning in between.

Man was I surprised at the size of my lunch! Half of an entire mackerel fish grilled so the skin was extra crispy (in fairness I watched and it was not grilled but broiled but who cares right?) A bowl of steaming miso soup, rice and a few sides of eggplant and pickle radish.


Everything was piping hot and the best part is that is was only $8.90, such a good deal for something so tasty and fresh!


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