bumpy teapot cozy…

27 Nov

tea cozy urbanpocketknife


Once upon a time I had a problem with purchasing too many teapots…the other half would always exclaim “Another teapot?!?!”. I just couldn’t find the perfect one where it held enough tea for company and didn’t have a spilly spout.  But alas!  The hunt is over, I found an awesome set at a garage sale behind the farmer’s market that I usually volunteer at.  So excited, this set is made out of fine bone china and is reddy-orange with white polka dots, it’s perfect!  And the best part is that it comes with two teapots, one personal size enough to hold two mugs of tea and one giant one for multiple guests.

But of course every teapot should come with a teapot cozy to keep the tea nice and hot!  This is the first time I’ve knitted a popcorn-like stitch and it went by very quickly.  Wool always makes the best cozies because it’s very insulating!

In any case, I just happen to have this lovely Noro yarn in the complimentary colour of the tea set, along with an amazing giant button, my teapot is as happy as can be 🙂



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