low carb zucchini pasta…

14 Nov

zucchini pasta urbanpocketknife


It’s been much too long since my last post but alas, I’ve dug up some photos of things that I meant to blog but never got around to doing it.  Although we have jumped on the bandwagon of spaghetti squash, there’s something quite spectacular about zucchini pasta.  It’s ribbon-like tendrils resemble linguini and has a lovely bit to it, much like al dente pasta.  It doesn’t get as watery and man can you eat a ton of it!

Although a million times more expensive then regular pasta, it does contain tons more nutrition and you can eat more of it without feeling guilty.  I paired mine with some leftover lamb roast that I shredded but feel free to make this a traditional tomato based pasta with meatballs!

Here’s the recipe!

zucchini pasta urbanpocketknife

Start by taking a veggie peeler and take of strips of the zucchini.  Try and purchase long zucchini for the best ribbons.  Mix and match, yellow zucchini works well but not the Italian variety.  Stop when you reach the seeds.

zucchini pasta urbanpocketknife

This is the magic step.  Put your ribbons in a strainer and toss lightly with salt and set over your sink or bowl.  The salt draws out the moisture so your zucchini doesn’t get mushy.  It also flavours it and softens it a bit so they don’t break.  Let this sit for 15-20 minutes.  Give your zucchini ribbons a quick rinse to get rid of excess salt and pat down gently with a towel.

zucchini pasta urbanpocketknife


Take your zucchini ribbons and sautee them gently in a medium high pan with some delicious butter (or whatever oil you like).  I added some lemon pepper to it but you can add whatever you like!  It won’t take long, you just want it cooked enough to soften but not go mushy, stir gently.  Add your favourite pasta sauce and enjoy!




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