collard green low carb wraps…

7 Aug

collard green wraps urbanpocketknife

Sometimes you just want a wrap without the tortilla.  Collard greens and some mighty sturdy veggies that can withstand bending and biting without falling apart.  A great wrap alternative, these veggies are neutral enough that it won’t affect the taste of your filling and is just so darn healthy!

collard green wraps urbanpocketknife

The important thing is to make sure your filling is of a dry variety.  I just stir fried some ground pork with zucchini and carrots and seasoned it with a variety of curry.  No liquid!  Unless you are going to cook it off.  The collards don’t really absorb any liquid like tortillas do so it can be messy if it’s too wet.

collard green wraps urbanpocketknife

Steaming the collard greens whole is best, just until they get tender enough to bend without breaking.  Cool it down and dry them out.

collard green wraps urbanpocketknife

Place your filling in the middle and wrap like a burrito, you’ll get a pretty seam going down the middle!  Take a bite and enjoy!


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