swirl socks for sister…

2 Aug

swirl socks urbanpocketknife

This is my second pair of socks I made out of the yarn that I hand dyed myself!  The first were a test run before I made these ones for my sister’s birthday.  The pattern does a cool wave that continues to the toes and is quite easy to construct.  Once I made the first ones, now I totally understand how knit socks are constructed and they are mega fun to make!

I used a pattern called Spring Forward Socks that I found on the Knitty.com site.  I have to say, so far this is one of my favourite sites to find patterns that are well written and fresh.  It’s quite frustrating seeing a pattern that you like only to discover that the person who wrote it included many errors or poor instructions.

swirl socks urbanpocketknife

The bottoms are flat so it’s extra comfortable and with the merino wool, it’ll be softer with more washes and nice and warm.  The small amount of nylon content in the yarn will keep the fibers strong for longer.  Yay socks!


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